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๐ŸŒฝ Corn Production by Country

๐ŸŒฝ Corn Production by Country

Corn Production Around the World

The sustainable production of corn, one of the world's most widely grown crops, has marked implications globally, not only in terms of food security but also for its significant impact on various industries, including the manufacturing of biofuels, livestock feed, and a host of everyday products. As we delve into the public data on global corn production, it is evident that output varies significantly from country to country, reflecting unique climate conditions, farming technologies, and agricultural policies. 

Focusing on the United States, the undisputed leader in global corn production, we uncover several key findings that underscore the vital role of corn in the economy and the sustainability challenges intertwined with its widespread cultivation.

Illustrative findings from the data include:

  • The United States towers over all countries in corn production. With a recorded production volume of 347 million tons, the United States holds a substantial lead over the second largest producer, China, which produces 261 million tons.
  • The other substantial producers of corn globally include Brazil (101.1 million tons), Argentina (56.9 million tons), and Ukraine (35.9 million tons).
  • Notably, despite its small size compared to other top producers, Romania has emerged as an influential player in the global corn market, producing 17.4 million tons. 
  • African countries like Nigeria (11 million tons) and South Africa (11.3 million tons) also make significant contributions to global corn production. 

Analyzing the trends in corn production provides a lens to comprehend the changing dynamics of global agriculture, as countries continue to grapple with new technological breakthroughs, shifting consumption patterns, volatile weather conditions, and the urgent call for sustainable farming practices.

Countries with Highest Corn Production

The top ten countries for corn production are the United States, China, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Romania, and Russia. The United States leads the pack with a staggering 347.0 million tons of corn produced annually. China, the second largest producer of corn, produces 261.0 million tons each year.

Brazil ranks third in corn production with an annual output of 101.1 million tons. Argentina follows with 56.9 million tons and Ukraine with 35.9 million tons of corn produced annually. Indonesia is not far behind with a corn production of 30.7 million tons each year.

India produces 27.7 million tons of corn annually while Mexico's corn production stands at 27.2 million tons. Romania produces 17.4 million tons of corn each year and Russia wraps up the top ten with yearly corn production of 14.3 million tons.

10 Countries with the Highest Corn Production (in tons):

  1. United States - 347.0M
  2. China - 261.0M
  3. Brazil - 101.1M
  4. Argentina - 56.9M
  5. Ukraine - 35.9M
  6. Indonesia - 30.7M
  7. India - 27.7M
  8. Mexico - 27.2M
  9. Romania - 17.4M
  10. Russia - 14.3M

By Country

Full Data Set

The data points presented are defined as follows:

  • Corn Production - A countries annual production of corn. Measurement is in tons.
  • Global Production Share - A measurement of the percentage of the global corn production the country has.
  • Corn Acreage - The total amount of hectares a country dedicates to growing corn.
  • Yield per Hectare - The amount of corn a country is able to produce for a single hectare of land. Measured in Kg / Hectare.
  • Production per Person - A countries total output of corn divided by it's population. Measured in Kg / Person

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