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Penis Size By Country

Penis Size By Country

Average Penis Size Around the World

Our perceptions of normativity, peculiarity, and deviation are often influenced by the social, cultural, and environmental factors we are exposed to. This is particularly pertinent when discussing biological variables such as penis size. In recent years, a growing body of research has sought to unravel the diversity of penis sizes worldwide and shed light on this oft-misunderstood yet sensitive topic. 

Recent data provides a comprehensive look at erect penis size across various countries, offering a better understanding of the average penis sizes globally. By comparing these figures, we are able to examine not only the different averages but also the contextual factors that might affect these measurements. 

From the data, we can highlight the following key findings: 

  • The average penis size worldwide is 13.91 cm.
  • Sudan boasts the largest average penis size at 17.95 cm, followed closely by DR Congo at 17.93 cm, and Ecuador at 17.59 cm. These figures reveal intriguing insights into the variations across different geographical locations.
  • On the other side of the spectrum, Thailand has the smallest average penis size, with an average size of 9.43 cm. The two other smallest reported measurements are North Korea and Cambodia. While the average size of the Korean male organ was found to be at 9.60 cm, Cambodia’s average penis size is 9.84 cm.
  • The United States has an average erect penis length of 14.15 cm, falling somewhere in the middle of the global range. 
  • The data spread reveals a wide range of average sizes, indicating substantial variations across countries. This reinforces the notion that normativity in terms of penis size is relative and influenced by a multiplicity of factors, including genetics and race.
  • It is important to note that these averages should not be perceived as a measure of masculinity or sexual prowess, as no scientific evidence supports such claims. 

This review of data gives us a fascinating exploration of the penis size spectrum that exists around the world and challenges preconceived notions about standard or desirable sizes. 

Largest Penises by Country

The ten countries with the highest average erect penis lengths are Sudan, DR Congo, Ecuador, Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Venezuela, Lebanon, Colombia, and Cameroon.

Sudan boasts the largest erect penis length at a sizable average of 17.95 cm. Second on the list is DR Congo with an average erect penis length of 17.93 cm. Ecuador comes in at third with an average size of 17.59 cm.

The average size drops slightly with the Republic of the Congo at 17.33 cm and Ghana at 17.31 cm. Nigeria’s average stands at a round 17.00 cm. Venezuela, Lebanon, and Colombia have averages of 16.93 cm, 16.82 cm, and 16.75 cm respectively.

Rounding out the list, Cameroon concludes the top ten with an average erect penis size of 16.65 cm.

Countries with the Largest Average Erect Penis Length:

1. Sudan - 17.95 cm

2. DR Congo - 17.93 cm

3. Ecuador - 17.59 cm

4. Republic of the Congo - 17.33 cm

5. Ghana - 17.31 cm

6. Nigeria - 17.00 cm

7. Venezuela - 16.93 cm

8. Lebanon - 16.82 cm

9. Colombia - 16.75 cm

10. Cameroon - 16.65 cm

Smallest Penis Size by Country

All ten counties with the lowest average penis size are all in Asia.

Thailand records the smallest penis length of 9.43 cm. Closely following is North Korea, where the average is slightly higher at 9.60 cm. Cambodia shows a minimal increase with an average erect penis length of 9.84 cm. Nepal ranks next with an average of 9.98 cm.

Myanmar notes an average erect penis length of 10.10 cm, while Laos reports an average of 10.14 cm. Vietnam shows a negligible increase from Laos, measuring an average of 10.15 cm. Sri Lanka stands at 10.18 cm on average.

South Korea registers a bit higher average erect penis length of 10.80 cm. The list winds up with the Philippines, where the average is slightly higher yet again at 10.85 cm.

Countries with Smallest Average Penis Length:

  1. Thailand - 9.43 cm
  2. North Korea - 9.60 cm
  3. Cambodia - 9.84 cm
  4. Nepal - 9.98 cm
  5. Myanmar - 10.10 cm
  6. Laos - 10.14 cm
  7. Vietnam - 10.15 cm
  8. Sri Lanka - 10.18 cm
  9. South Korea - 10.80 cm
  10. Philippines - 10.85 cm

Average Penis Size By Country

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What country has the smallest penis?

Thailand has the smallest average penis size, with an average length of 9.43 cm.

2. What country has the biggest penis?

Sudan boasts the largest average penis size, with an average length of 17.95 cm.


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Year: 2020

Source: Average-Size Erect Penis: Fiction, Fact, and the Need for Counseling


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