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Cotton Production by Country

Cotton Production by Country

Global Cotton Production

As a cornerstone of the agricultural industry, cotton is an essential commodity that fuels economic activity across the globe. It is fundamental to textile production, and subsequently the fashion industry, and the ripple effects of its cultivation impact multinational trade and rural development. Despite its global significance, the story of cotton begins at a local level, in the farmlands of countries that have shaped their landscapes and economies around its production.

As a key player in the global cotton arena, the United States stands as the third largest cotton producer worldwide, accounting for an impressive 3.6 million tons in recent data. But the narrative of cotton production isn't just an American tale. Other countries also contribute generously to this narrative, with India and China leading the pack, each producing 6.2 million tons of cotton. 

From the data obtained, here are a few key findings:

  • India and China act as vanguards in cotton production, both tallying a massive 6.2 million tons, nearly double the yield of the United States.
  • The U.S., though falling behind India and China, plays a formidable role in the global cotton landscapes, producing 3.6 million tons.
  • The cotton industry extends its roots way beyond these major players, with countries like Pakistan and Brazil contributing significantly to the global output, with production volumes of 2.4 and 1.4 million tons, respectively.
  • Other noteworthy contributors include Uzbekistan, Australia, Turkey, among others, whose production range between 885,100 to 1.1 million tons.
  • Cotton's global reach is evident as it spans across continents, from South America's Argentina, through Africa's Burkina Faso, to Asia's Myanmar, all having cotton production figures upwards of 100,000 tons.

Understanding the current state of global cotton production fuels perspectives on economic, environmental, and societal factors pivotal to the international agricultural discourse. As we delve deeper into the intricacies of global cotton production, our findings will provide a unique, data-driven view into the complex dynamics of this influential industry.

Largest Cotton Producers

The ten countries that count for the highest levels of cotton production worldwide are India, China, the United States, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Australia, Turkey, Argentina, and Greece. 

Leading the list, both India and China produced 6.2 million tons of cotton each. Coming up next is the United States with an output of 3.6 million tons of cotton. Pakistan remains as the fourth highest cotton-producing country worldwide with a production value of 2.4 million tons. 

Meanwhile, Brazil has a significant cotton production level of 1.4 million tons, placing it fifth on this list. Following Brazil, Uzbekistan managed to yield 1.1 million tons of cotton. Australia is not far behind with its cotton production amounting to 885.1 thousand tons. 

Turkey's cotton production numbers stand at 846.0 thousand tons. Argentina and Greece follow Turkey with cotton production volumes of 327.0 thousand tons and 308.0 thousand tons respectively. 

Top 10 Countries for Cotton Production:

1. India - 6.2M tons

2. China - 6.2M tons

3. United States - 3.6M tons

4. Pakistan - 2.4M tons

5. Brazil - 1.4M tons

6. Uzbekistan - 1.1M tons

7. Australia - 885.1K tons

8. Turkey - 846.0K tons

9. Argentina - 327.0K tons

10. Greece - 308.0K tons

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