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Soybean Production by Country

Soybean Production by Country

Global Soybean Production

Soybeans, a versatile legume with versatile applications in food, animal feed, and industrial products, play a crucial role in global agricultural economies. The United States is often at the heart of the conversation due to its predominant role in global soybean production, alongside other major players like Brazil and Argentina. The profile of global soybean production offers key insights into shifts in the economic landscape, global trade tendencies and challenges faced in different geographic locales.

Based on the most recent data, here are some pivotal trends in the international soybean production arena:

  • Brazil took the lead as the highest soybean producing country globally, boasting a massive 114.3 million tons production.
  • Second to Brazil, the United States lagged slightly behind with a still impressive 96.8 million tons of soybeans produced.
  • Argentina rounded the top three with a significant production of 55.3 million tons.
  • Asian countries, China and India, follow the lead with 15.7 and 13.3 million tons respectively, showcasing the growing focus on soybean production in Asia.
  • Other notable players in soybean production include Paraguay, Canada, and Russia, producing 8.5, 6, and 4.4 million tons respectively.

Despite the fluctuating market dynamics and variable climate conditions, these regions consistently top the chart in soybean production. As we continue to delve into the data, we illuminate the interconnected nature of the global soybean market and the forces at play shaping its landscape.

World's Largest Soybean Producers

The top-ranking countries in terms of soybean production are Brazil, the United States, Argentina, China, India, Paraguay, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and Bolivia. Brazil notably attains the highest production with an astounding 114.3 million tons of soybeans each year. The United States is the second-highest producer with 96.8 million tons of soybeans annually. 

Argentina, with an impressive yield of 55.3 million tons of soybeans per year, takes the third spot. China and India are the fourth and fifth highest producers with 15.7 million tons and 13.3 million tons of soybean production each year, respectively. 

Paraguay follows behind, producing 8.5 million tons of soybeans annually, with Canada producing 6.0 million tons. Russia and Ukraine continue the list with 4.4 million tons and 3.7 million tons per annum, respectively. Finally, Bolivia closes the list of top soybean producing countries by generating 3.0 million tons of soybeans each year. 

10 Countries with the Highest Soybean Production:

  1. Brazil - 114.3M tons 
  2. United States - 96.8M tons 
  3. Argentina - 55.3M tons
  4. China - 15.7M tons
  5. India - 13.3M tons
  6. Paraguay - 8.5M tons
  7. Canada - 6.0M tons
  8. Russia - 4.4M tons
  9. Ukraine - 3.7M tons
  10. Bolivia - 3.0M tons

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