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Sugarcane Production by Country

Sugarcane Production by Country

Global Sugarcane Production

Delving deep into the sphere of sugarcane production, it becomes apparent that the global market is vast and varied. Serving as a primary source of sugar, biofuels and spirits, sugarcane is an important economic driver for many countries and plays a critical role in food security, renewable energy generation, and exports. The United States, while a notable contributor, is not the most prolific producer of sugarcane.

Drawing from recent data, five key findings emerge:

  • Brazil is the world's undisputed leader in sugarcane production, with a staggering volume of 752.9 million tons.
  • India, trailing behind Brazil, is a prominent producer with a total production of 405.4 million tons.
  • The United States, despite being one of the biggest consumers of sugar, ranks eleventh in global sugarcane production with 29 million tons, falling behind countries like Thailand, China, and Pakistan.
  • Asian countries, including India, China, Thailand, and Pakistan, significantly contribute to the global volume, collectively contributing over half a billion tons of sugarcane.
  • Despite being a small landmass compared to the leading countries, the Dominican Republic makes the top thirty in sugarcane production.

These statistics underline the importance of understanding dynamics in the global field of sugarcane production, its economic implications, and the fascinating powerhouses of this sweet crop. For those consuming sugars, biofuels, or spirits daily, it's a reminder that their morning spoonful of sugar has navigated a complex journey from countries across the globe.

World's Largest Sugarcane Oil Producers

The countries with the highest sugarcane production are Brazil, India, Thailand, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Indonesia, and Guatemala. Brazil has the highest sugarcane production in the world with a staggering 752.9 million tons. India is the second highest producer of sugarcane with 405.4 million tons, followed by Thailand with 131.0 million tons. China produces 110.0 million tons of sugarcane, securing the fourth position.

Pakistan is the fifth highest sugarcane producer with 66.9 million tons, while Mexico produces 59.3 million tons. Colombia and Australia produce 32.7 million and 32.4 million tons respectively, ranking them seventh and eighth. Lastly, Indonesia and Guatemala both produce 29.1 million tons each. 

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Sugarcane Production:

1. Brazil - 752.9M tons

2. India - 405.4M tons

3. Thailand - 131.0M tons

4. China - 110.0M tons

5. Pakistan - 66.9M tons

6. Mexico - 59.3M tons

7. Colombia - 32.7M tons

8. Australia - 32.4M tons

9. Indonesia - 29.1M tons

10. Guatemala - 29.1M tons

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