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Breast Size By Country

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Global Breast Size Diversity

Breasts, inherently linked to femininity and maternity, are unique features that greatly vary among women worldwide. Factors like genetics, diet, weight, body mass index, fitness level, and age significantly influence breast size.

Key Findings:

  • Northern European countries like Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom lead the rank with breast sizes commonly falling within the C or C-D range. Interestingly, other Scandinavian countries Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, had their average sizes fall within B-C.
  • North-American countries, United States and Canada, rank fairly high with an average size of 'C' and 'B-C' respectively. This could possibly indicate regional similarities due to genetics, diet and lifestyle.
  • The sizes trend towards smaller sizes 'A' and 'AA' as we move towards Asia and Africa. The countries in these regions like China, India, Kenya and Bangladesh report smaller cup sizes and this, like previously mentioned, hints at genetic and lifestyle factors.
  • The diversity in breast sizes throughout the world highlights the beautiful variance in physical characteristics that exist among global female populations.

Countries with the Biggest Breasts

Norway leads with an average bra cup size between C and D. Matching Norway's larger average are the United States and the United Kingdom where the average cup size is C. Luxembourg women also have an average cup size of C. Following these countries is Iceland, with its women having an average cup size of C as well.

Interestingly, a number of countries namely Finland, Russia, Sweden, Venezuela, and the Netherlands have an average bra cup size between B and C, indicating considerable diversity of breast sizes.

Countries with the Biggest Breasts:

  1. Norway - C-D cup size
  2. United States - C cup size
  3. United Kingdom - C cup size
  4. Luxembourg - C cup size
  5. Iceland - C cup size
  6. Finland - B-C cup size
  7. Russia - B-C cup size
  8. Sweden - B-C cup size
  9. Venezuela - B-C cup size
  10. Netherlands - B-C cup size

Countries with the Smallest Breasts

When it comes to the countries with the smallest average breast size, the predominantly AA cup is most common in nations such as the Bahamas, Gambia, Mongolia, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Israel, Tunisia, Burundi, and Guinea.

In the Bahamas, for instance, despite the region being well-known for its vibrant beauty and rich cultural heritage, the women here average a petite breast size of AA. This is mirrored in the Gambia, another small but diverse nation, predominantly known for its unique music, dance, and storytelling traditions.

Similarly, Mongolia, known for its vast rugged expanses and nomadic culture, aligns with the same AA average. It is noteworthy that the nature of physical activities and the traditional nomadic lifestyle could be a factor in the smaller breast size in Mongolian women.

Heading west, in Lebanon, known for its vibrant culture and history, women typically have a petite AA breast size. This pattern carries on in Kyrgyzstan, yet another Central Asian country with a rich nomadic tradition and a strong focus on athleticism and physical conditioning.

Further east, Laos, a Southeast Asian country known for its mountainous terrain and Buddhist monasteries, also reports an AA average.

The AA cup size is noticeably familiar in Israel, Tunisia, Burundi, and Guinea as well. It's fascinating to note the diversity of these countries - from the modern state of Israel, through North African Tunisia, to the small African nations rich in tribal traditions and heritage - women in these countries have the AA breast size in common.

Countries with the Smallest Breasts:

  1. Bahamas - AA
  2. Gambia - AA
  3. Mongolia - AA
  4. Lebanon - AA
  5. Kyrgyzstan - AA
  6. Laos - AA
  7. Israel - AA
  8. Tunisia - AA
  9. Burundi - AA
  10. Guinea - AA

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Year: 2023

Source: World Data Info