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Sunflower Oil Production by Country

Sunflower Oil Production by Country

Global Sunflower Oil Production

Sunflower oil remains a significant player in the global vegetable oils market, owing to its diverse applications in food, cosmetics, and the biodiesel industry. A closer look at global production statistics reveals that sunflower oil production is geographically concentrated, with few countries contributing to the lion's share of the overall output. 

Recent data on global sunflower oil production shows fascinating insights about the diversity and concentration of production. The following are notable findings from the data:

  • With a production volume of 4.4 million tons, Ukraine tops the chart as the world's leading sunflower oil producer, followed closely by Russia at 4.1 million tons. These two countries together account for a vast proportion of the global sunflower oil output.
  • While major European nations such as France, Spain, and Hungary contribute significantly to the production numbers, there are unexpected players in the list, like Argentina and Turkey, with a contribution of 931.7K and 721.9K tons respectively.
  • The United States stands at 17th place globally in sunflower oil production, contributing around 147.0K tons. Though this number may seem negligible compared to the top producers, the U.S. handles vast sunflower-growing land, resulting in substantial oil production.
  • Among the top 20 sunflower oil-producing countries, a vast majority are from Europe and Asia, indicating a geographic concentration of production.
  • It is important to note that despite the significant influence of a few nations, sunflower oil production is a global industry, with participation from diverse countries, including the Netherlands, South Africa, Kazakhstan, and even Tanzania.

Despite the global distribution of sunflower oil production, a few countries particularly stand out for their substantial contribution. With the increased trend towards healthier eating habits, the demand for sunflower oil is projected to increase, making it crucial for nations to optimize and potentially expand their sunflower production.

World's Largest Sunflower Oil Producers

The countries with the highest sunflower oil production are Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, France, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and China. Ukraine takes the lead as the top country in sunflower oil production with an impressive annual production figure of 4.4 million tons. Russia follows in second place, with sunflower oil production figures reaching 4.1 million tons.

Argentina, although the third in the rankings, produces significantly less than Ukraine and Russia at 931.7 thousand tons of sunflower oil annually. Turkey comes fourth with an annual sunflower oil production of 721.9 thousand tons, closely followed by France with a production of 632.9 thousand tons. 

Hungary and Spain produce 566.1 thousand tons and 503.5 thousand tons of sunflower oil respectively. Romania in the eighth position, produces 454.6 thousand tons of sunflower oil. 

Bulgaria and China round up the top ten, with Bulgaria producing 318.3 thousand tons and China totaling at 299.8 thousand tons of sunflower oil annually.

10 Countries with the Highest Sunflower Oil Production:

1. Ukraine - 4.4M tons

2. Russia - 4.1M tons

3. Argentina - 931.7K tons

4. Turkey - 721.9K tons

5. France - 632.9K tons

6. Hungary - 566.1K tons

7. Spain - 503.5K tons

8. Romania - 454.6K tons

9. Bulgaria - 318.3K tons

10. China - 299.8K tons

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