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Worst Airports to Fly Out Of

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Air travel is a vital part of today’s interconnected world, connecting us with faraway countries, unseen landscapes, and unparalleled experiences. However, not all airports make this transition smooth. Unfortunately, some airports leave travelers with high levels of frustration and unsatisfactory experiences due to a range of issues. From flight delays and overcrowded terminals to lackluster amenities and poor customer service, these airports have earned an unfavorable reputation amongst travelers.

Our analysis of recent public data provides an insightful list of the worst airports to fly out of in the United States, striking a cautionary note for those who value a hassle-free flying experience.

Key findings from this data include:

  • Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey tops the list as the most dreaded airport to fly out of. Major issues reported by travelers include long security lines, frequent flight delays, and subpar customer service.
  • Florida is home to two of the worst airports in the United States, with Orlando International and Miami International ranking second and third respectively on this ignominious list. Both airports suffer from overcrowded terminals and lackluster amenities.
  • Southern states such as Texas and Louisiana also feature prominently in the top ten, with major airports such as George Bush Intercontinental in Houston and Louis Armstrong New Orleans International cited for issues including poor signage and inadequate airport facilities.
  • Washington Dulles International, despite its importance as a hub for international travel, ranks seventh. Travelers have raised concerns about complicated layout and taxing transit times between terminals.
  • Despite its smaller size compared to some others on the list, St. Louis Lambert International in Missouri ranks ninth due to frequent flight cancellations and delays.

10 Worst Airports to Fly Out of


Ranking of Major Airports

The following airport ranks are for the 100 most popular Airports in the U.S.

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