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Best State To Teach In

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Selecting the Best State to Educate

Teaching may well be one of the most influential professions—after all, without teachers, the skills and intellect of the next generation would remain untapped. Yet, in many corners of the United States, teachers grapple with subpar salaries, little administrative support, and overwhelming job-related stress. Despite these challenges, certain states strive to aptly appreciate and compensate educators for their yeoman service. 

This article seeks to elucidate the best states for teaching based on factors far beyond just salary—from work environment and safety to income growth prospects. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive view of what suits teachers best, helping educators find locations where their invaluable services are met with the respect, compensation, and support they so rightfully deserve. 

Key Findings: 

  • New York outshines all other states and tops the list, with a commendable score of 59.33, reflecting a favorable environment for teachers. 
  • States like Utah and Virginia trail closely behind the Empire State, scoring 57.38 and 56.13 respectively, indicating their consistent commitment to quality teaching conditions.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii seems to offer the least conducive environment for teachers, landing on the bottom of our list with a score of just 33.36.
  • The geographical distribution of scores suggests considerable variations in teachers' conditions, with many northeastern states — including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania — scoring higher than their midwestern and western counterparts.
  • Despite its lauded education system, California ranks midway in the list at 15th place with a score of 49.53, suggesting there's room for improvements in teachers' working conditions.

10 Best States to Teach In

Heading the list of the top 10 states to teach in is New York, boasting a score of 59.33. These teacher-friendly conditions have deep roots in the state's recognition of the value of educators and reflect in a combined measure of Opportunity & Competition and Academic & Work Environment.

Taking the second spot is the scenic state of Utah, scoring an impressive 57.38. Despite a lower living cost, Utah ensures high salaries for teachers and upholds an enriching work environment making it an attractive destination for educators.

Virginia nuances its historical charm with a strong commitment to quality education and emerges third on our list with a score of 56.13. Florida and Washington follow closely, each ending up in the fourth and fifth positions with scores of 55.92 and 55.71 respectively. Both states are highly appraised for their academic work environment and growth opportunities for teachers.

The northeastern region of the United States is known for its educational pedigree, and this reputation doesn't disappoint - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut all make it to the top ten states for teachers. New Jersey earns itself the sixth rank with a score of 54.07, ahead of Pennsylvania and its score of 53.8. Massachusetts, known for its stellar school systems, follows with a score of 53.21, while Connecticut closes the list with a score of 52.03 at the tenth position.

10 Best States to Teach In:

  1. New York - 59.33
  2. Utah - 57.38
  3. Virginia - 56.13
  4. Florida - 55.92
  5. Washington - 55.71
  6. New Jersey - 54.07
  7. Pennsylvania - 53.8
  8. Massachusetts - 53.21
  9. Maryland - 52.43
  10. Connecticut - 52.03

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