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Religion by Country

Religion by Country
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The intricacy of religious practices worldwide lends a compelling note to our shared human experience. Each nation contrives a unique religious fabric with their weave of faiths, making the study of religious populations by country an insightful endeavor. 

Our data set encompasses ranked religious populations across 222 nations and regions, offering a fascinating array of belief systems.

Key findings are as follows:

  • India, labeled as the world's spiritual homeland, perhaps due to its rich religious history including the birth of major world religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, leads the data set with an estimated religious population of 1.2B. 
  • China falls second with a staggering count of 640.6 million religious affiliates. However, this should be noted with clarifying that the Chinese government has imposed strict regulations on religious practices.
  • Small island nations, such as Nauru and Tuvalu, and the city state of Vatican City hold the smallest religious population, around 35K. For Vatican City, it should be remembered it's a unique case, the seat of the Catholic Pope, despite its small size, it exercises significant religious influence worldwide.
  • The United States, despite a trend of increasing secularism, holds the third rank with 259.4 million followers of various faiths.
  • Observing Muslim-majority nations, Indonesia holds the highest religious population with around 239.6 million individuals.

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