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Hindu Countries

Hindu Countries
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Hinduism around the Globe

The fabric of global religious adherence is a fascinating tapestry of beliefs, traditions, and cultures, and Hinduism, one of the world's oldest religions, is a significant thread in this context. Originating in the Indian subcontinent, Hinduism has spread across the globe, influencing and being influenced by the cultures it encounters along the way. Within the United States, the Hindu population may be less than 1%, but its influence is undeniable in the realms of yoga, meditation, and the broader conversation about spirituality.

Key Insights:

  • India, the spiritual birthplace of Hinduism, continues to be the country with the most Hindus, containing approximately 78.9% of the world's Hindu population. 
  • The adjacent country of Nepal, well-known for its magnificently scenic mountain landscapes, has the second-highest percentage of Hindus at 80.6%, surpassing even India. This makes Nepal the only country where Hinduism is practiced by the majority of the population besides India.
  • Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, has a significant Hindu population, with Hindus accounting for about 48.4% of its populace, demonstrating the far-reaching diaspora of Hindu communities.
  • Relatively small Hindu communities can also be found in various countries worldwide, such as Fiji (27.9%), Guyana (23.3%), Bhutan (22.5%), and Trinidad and Tobago (22.3%). 
  • In the United States, the percentage of the population identifying as Hindu is less than 1%. However, the actual influence and visibility of Hindu practices and philosophies are significantly higher.

Top 10 Hindu Countries

At the top of our list, the country with the largest proportion of Hindus to its total population is Nepal with 80.6%. Besides its monumental mountains, Nepal is also globally recognized for its substantial Hindu population, evidenced by its multitude of impressive temples and cultural practices steeped in the tradition of Hinduism.

Following closely behind in second place is the birthplace of the Hindu tradition, India, accounting for 78.9% of its population. It continues to remain the epicenter of Hindu cultural, spiritual, and philosophical influences, given its deep historical and cultural roots in Hinduism.

Mauritius, the idyllic island nation in the Indian Ocean known for its stunning landscapes, houses a considerable Hindu population, making up 48.4% of its total population.

Fiji, blessed with over 300 tropical islands, surprisingly harbors a significant Hindu population, making up a notable 27.9% of its populace.

Guyana, often recognized more for its lush forests and unique wildlife, comes in fifth with 23.3% of its populace practicing Hinduism.

Ranking sixth is Bhutan with a Hindu population of 22.5%, followed closely by Trinidad and Tobago with a Hindu population of 22.3%.

The South American nation of Suriname holds a respectable 18.8% Hindu population, showcasing the religion's reach in various regions of the world.

Qatar, mostly recognized for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, surprisingly makes the list with 15.9% Hindu population.

Lastly, a significant Hindu population can also be found in Sri Lanka, making up 13.7% of the total populace.

Top 10 Hindu Countries:

  1. Nepal - 80.6%
  2. India - 78.9%
  3. Mauritius - 48.4%
  4. Fiji - 27.9%
  5. Guyana - 23.3%
  6. Bhutan - 22.5%
  7. Trinidad and Tobago - 22.3%
  8. Suriname - 18.8%
  9. Qatar - 15.9%
  10. Sri Lanka - 13.7%

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