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Buddhist Countries

Buddhist Countries

Distribution of Buddhist Population Around the Globe

The Buddhist tapestry is a vibrant part of the global religious landscape, encompassing various nations and cultures worldwide. While traditionally most prevalent in Asia, Buddhism's impact and presence are now felt globally, embodying principles of compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Buddhism's stronghold remains strongest in Asian countries. Cambodia tops the list with an overwhelming 96.80% of the population identifying as Buddhists, followed by Thailand (92.60%), Myanmar (79.80%), Bhutan (74.70%), and Sri Lanka (68.60%). 
  • Interesting observations arise when looking at more developed Asian countries. Japan houses a sizable population of Buddhists at 33.20%, while in Singapore, 32.20% identify themselves as Buddhists. 
  • In the North American context, Buddhist followers constitute 1.2% of the entire population in the United States and 1% in Canada. Despite these lower percentages, the influence of Buddhism in these territories is visible in the form of meditation centers, temples, and cultural practices.
  • Down Under, Australia and New Zealand house a Buddhist population of 2.9% and 1.9%, respectively. 
  • Across Europe, the presence of Buddhism is less pronounced with approximately 0.6% in the United Kingdom and Switzerland and around 0.3% in Germany and Austria.

Understanding the global Buddhist footprint underscores the continuing relevance and influential power of Buddhism's rich traditions and philosophy. From mindfulness practices to environmental ethics, Buddhism's wisdom continues to guide and influence societies worldwide.

Countries Where Buddhism is Most Practiced

In the global context, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Mongolia, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan are the leading countries in terms of the percentage of Buddhist population. Cambodia tops the list with a staggering 96.8% of its population adhering to Buddhism. Thailand follows with a significant Buddhist population of 92.6%.

Myanmar is third with 79.8% of its population practicing Buddhism, closely followed by Bhutan at 74.7%. Sri Lanka holds a prominent Buddhist majority with 68.6%. Laos showcases a high percentage of Buddhists at 64%, with Mongolia next at 54.4%. Japan, known for its rich Buddhist heritage, has 33.2% of its population following Buddhism. Singapore and Taiwan also have considerable Buddhist populations, with 32.2% and 21.2% respectively.

Top 10 Countries by Percentage of Buddhists:

  1. Cambodia - 96.8%
  2. Thailand - 92.6%
  3. Myanmar - 79.8%
  4. Bhutan - 74.7%
  5. Sri Lanka - 68.6%
  6. Laos - 64%
  7. Mongolia - 54.4%
  8. Japan - 33.2%
  9. Singapore - 32.2%
  10. Taiwan - 21.2%

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