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Least Religious Countries

Least Religious Countries
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A Global View on Irreligion

As religion has shaped civilizations and cultures over millennia, the dialogue around religious beliefs evolves as well. An increasingly complex conversation surrounds the growth of people who identify as 'religiously unaffiliated,' which encompasses those who identify as atheists, agnostics, and those who simply do not align with any specific dogma. 

Key findings:

  • The leading atheist country, Czech Republic (78.4%) is notable due to the typically dominant influence of Catholicism in the country.
  • Estonia and Japan, with 60.2% and 60% respectively, stand out as countries with significant atheist populations compared to their respective regions. Estonia diverges from a predominantly Christian Europe, while Japan significantly contrasts to a largely religiously-inclined Asia.
  • Among top countries with a significant atheist population, there is a substantial representation from East Asia, including North Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and China, conveying a regional pattern towards irreligion or atheism.
  • In the United States, often considered a religious country with diverse faith affiliations, the data shows a notable 18.6% of the population identify as atheists, ranking it as the 30th most atheist-populated country.

Top 10 Least Religious Countries

The Czech Republic heads the list as the nation with the highest percent of atheists, with an astonishing 78.40% of the population identifying themselves as non-believers. Following closely is North Korea, where 71.30% of the population claim not to follow any religion. 

The third country on this list is Estonia, known for its low religiosity compared to Europe's overall religious landscape, with a relatively high rate of 60.20% atheists. Japan isn't far behind, with 60% of its population identifying as atheists, a stark contrast to many Asian countries that tend towards religious inclinations.

Hong Kong and China, with 54.70% and 51.80% respectively, also boast a significant percentage of atheists, suggesting a larger pattern of irreligion or atheism in East Asia. This pattern extends to South Korea, where 46.60% of the population identifies as atheists.

Latvia, the Netherlands, and Uruguay conclude the list, with 45.30%, 44.30%, and 41.50% of their populations falling into the atheist category, respectively.

Top 10 Least Religious Countries (Percentage of Atheists)

  1. Czech Republic - 78.40%
  2. North Korea - 71.30%
  3. Estonia - 60.20%
  4. Japan - 60%
  5. Hong Kong - 54.70%
  6. China - 51.80%
  7. South Korea - 46.60%
  8. Latvia - 45.30%
  9. Netherlands - 44.30%
  10. Uruguay - 41.50%

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