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Public School Rankings By State

Public School Rankings By State
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With a staggering population of 51 million students seeking academic enhancement in public schools, it becomes vital to recognize the strengths and shortcomings of these institutions. Public schools, open to all students, regardless of their socio-economic status, disability, or past academic performance, play a quintessential role in shaping future generations. They provide a vital lifeline serving not just educational purposes, but also a source of sustenance through school meal programs for the underserved.

  • The New England region, known for its focus on education, fares very well with Massachusetts (73.14), Connecticut (67.5) and New Hampshire (61.57) ranked as the top three. 
  • The Mid-Atlantic states, though rich in prestigious universities, show a varied range in their public school systems. New Jersey (64.36) ranks high at third place, while New York falls a bit behind, landing at fourteenth place with a score of 56.42. 
  • Southern states, unfortunately, seem to struggle with their public education systems, with most of them positioned lower in the rankings. For instance, Louisiana (33.37) and New Mexico (25.26) were at the bottom two positions.
  • The Western states display a mixed performance with California, home of Silicon Valley, surprisingly inhabiting the fortieth position with a score of 42.42.

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