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Rape Statistics By State

Rape Statistics By State


Rape is a prevalent societal issue in the United States that serves as a grim reminder of the aggression and crime lurking beneath the surface of communities.

Data paints a disquieting picture of sexual violence in the United States. Given that reporting tendencies greatly vary - largely due to stigmas and social pressures - the size and scope of the issue only become more elusive. Nonetheless, publicly available statistics offer a starting point for discussions, preventive measures, and remediation efforts.

  • Alaska holds the unfortunate distinction of ranking first with a Rape Rate of 148.7 per 100k residents, nearly double the rate of the second-ranked state, Arkansas, with a rate of 77.2.
  • Rates reduce dramatically as we move down the list. By the time we reach the 15th state, Texas, the Rape Rate is down to 51.1. This illustrates a significantly skewed distribution of reported rape rates across the United States, with a small set of states reporting unusually high incidences.
  • The bottom of the list portrays a different story. States like Georgia (27.5), Mississippi (25.1), Connecticut (21.6) and New Jersey (17.2), showcase some of the lowest rates, suggesting lower levels of reported sexual violence or potentially more effective response systems, which might deter potential offenders.

States with the Highest Rate of Rapes

Alaska stands first on this list with an astonishingly high rate of 148.7 rapes per 100,000 residents. The state has a long and complex history with sexual violence, and experts often attribute these high rates to factors such as isolation, under-staffed law enforcement, and the state's lack of accessible healthcare facilities.

Next in line is Arkansas, showcasing a rape rate of 77.2 per 100k residents, almost half of that in Alaska but still distressingly high. The reasons behind such high rates are multifaceted - including but not limited to social issues, lack of education, and law enforcement challenges.

South Dakota ranks third in its rate of reported rapes, with a rate of 72.6. With Michigan closely following at 72.4, and Nevada at 70.2, these states face significant challenges in combating sexual violence.

Further down the list, but still shockingly high are Colorado with a rate of 67.2, Nebraska at 64.8, New Mexico at 61.4, Montana at 58.4, and North Dakota at 57.3.

States with the Highest Rate of Rapes:

  1. Alaska - 148.7
  2. Arkansas - 77.2
  3. South Dakota - 72.6
  4. Michigan - 72.4
  5. Nevada - 70.2
  6. Colorado - 67.2
  7. Nebraska - 64.8
  8. New Mexico - 61.4
  9. Montana - 58.4
  10. North Dakota - 57.3

States with the Lowest Rate of Rapes

On the list of the states with the lowest reported Rape Rate per 100,000, New Jersey holds the lowest number. With a rate of 17.2, it mirrors the state's progressive approach towards stringent laws, societal education, and victim support. 

Second on the list is Connecticut, with a reported rate of 21.6, followed by Mississippi at 25.1.

These numbers rise slightly for the states of Georgia and North Carolina that register at 27.5 and 31.0, respectively. Maryland and Delaware follow closely with 31.6 and 31.8 per 100,000 people. Massachusetts, Virginia, and New York, although higher, still report lesser incidences compared to other states at 32.0, 33.0, and 33.8 respectively.

States with the Lowest Rate of Rapes:

  1. New Jersey - 17.2
  2. Connecticut - 21.6
  3. Mississippi - 25.1
  4. Georgia - 27.5
  5. North Carolina - 31.0
  6. Maryland - 31.6
  7. Delaware - 31.8
  8. Massachusetts - 32.0
  9. Virginia - 33.0
  10. New York - 33.8

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