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Number Of Days In School Year By State

Number Of Days In School Year By State
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Duration of Instruction Time: Examining Differences Across States

In the United States, the duration of an academic year, encompassing both instructional and non-instructional periods, varies among states. This pivotal aspect of education forms the cornerstone for student growth and relative achievement milestones on their academic journey. The number of necessary school days by states influences not just the students and educators, but also the local economies and the daily lives of communities.

Quantifying instructional time is complex. It is influenced by various factors, including geographical region, local traditions, holidays, weather-related closures, and even dedicated teacher development days.

  • North Carolina stands out as the state requiring the most significant number of school days, totaling 185, exceeding the national average by five days.
  • Roughly on the other end of the spectrum, Colorado necessitates the fewest number of school days, requiring only 160 days of instruction.
  • The majority of states, about 25 out of the 40 states listed, mandate a standard of 180 instructional days per academic year.
  • States such as Maine, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming require slightly fewer school days, with 175 days identified as the standard for these regions. 
  • Interestingly, the Midwest state of Minnesota features a reduced requirement, with only 165 instructional days, marking it out as a significant outlier.

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