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SAT Scores By State

SAT Scores By State
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SAT Scores: A Comparative Look by State

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) has been measuring students' preparedness for higher education for nearly a century. With sections encompassing critical reading, mathematics, and an optional essay component, the SAT functions as a significant determinant in evaluating a student's academic achievement and potential. Furthermore, this standardized metric allows for comparative analysis of educational outcomes across different regional and socio-economic contexts. 

  • Wisconsin emerged as the state with the highest average SAT score of 1,252, closely followed by states like Wyoming (1,244) and Kansas (1,238).
  • On the other hand, West Virginia demonstrated the lowest average SAT score (938), with Oklahoma (951) and Idaho (968) not far behind.
  • Interestingly, the data indicates a relative disparity in scores amongst geographically proximate states. For instance, Northeastern states such as Vermont and Maine reveal considerable variance with scores of 1,095 and 1,081 respectively.

States with the Highest SAT Scores

Topping the list is Wisconsin, with an impressive average SAT score of 1,252. This high-performing state reflects a commendable level of dedication to education and student success. Hot on Wisconsin's heels is Wyoming, coming in with an average score of 1,244.

Kansas ranks third, holding an average score of 1,238, not much behind Wyoming. Giving them a run for their money, Utah clinches the fourth spot with an average score of 1,233. Slightly further back but still in the high-performer category, we find Mississippi, boasting an average score of 1,226, closely shadowed by Minnesota at 1,225.

Nebraska and Kentucky round out the middle of our top ten with scores of 1,222 and 1,219 respectively. South Dakota shares the ninth ranking with Kentucky, pointing to a similar level of student achievement in these states. Lastly, North Dakota holds the tenth spot with a respectable average of 1,212.

States with the Highest SAT Scores:

  1. Wisconsin - 1,252
  2. Wyoming - 1,244
  3. Kansas - 1,238
  4. Utah - 1,233
  5. Mississippi - 1,226
  6. Minnesota - 1,225
  7. Nebraska - 1,222
  8. Kentucky - 1,219
  9. South Dakota - 1,219
  10. North Dakota - 1,212

States with the Lowest SAT Scores

West Virginia stands out with the lowest average SAT score in the nation with 938. Statistics show that despite multiple college-readiness programs implemented across the state, the average scores haven't seen a significant rise.

Oklahoma trails close behind with an average SAT score of 951. Idaho and Delaware share the third spot in terms of lowest average SAT scores, each holding an average of 968. While Idaho focuses on enhancing access to higher education, Delaware has implemented a state-wide SAT School Day program aiming to increase the number of test takers and college-goers.

Rhode Island and New Mexico show averages of 971 and 976 respectively. Rounding out the up are Illinois with 981, Florida with 983, Michigan with 1,000, and Texas with 1,001.

States with the lowest SAT Scores:

  1. West Virginia - 938
  2. Oklahoma - 951
  3. Idaho - 968
  4. Delaware - 968
  5. Rhode Island - 971
  6. New Mexico - 976
  7. Illinois - 981
  8. Florida - 983
  9. Michigan - 1,000
  10. Texas - 1,001

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