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Smartest States

Smartest States
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A Look at America's Smartest States

Over the years, America has nurtured a rich tapestry of world-class scholars, scientists, and innovators. From young prodigies to Nobel laureates, the pursuit of knowledge remains at the bedrock of American society, beckoning young and old alike. Yet, higher cognition, as measured by IQ tests, tends to greatly vary from region to region across the country. This reflection invites us to delve into America's intellectual hubs by examining the average IQ metrics per state.

Key findings include:

  • The northeastern states, particularly Massachusetts and New Hampshire, topped the list with the highest average IQ scores of 104.3 and 104.2 respectively.
  • The data revealed a clear regional pattern with states in the Midwest and the North, such as North Dakota, Vermont, Minnesota, Montana, and Maine, also demonstrating high average IQ scores, all above 103.
  • Contrastingly, the southern states, particularly Louisiana and Mississippi, recorded the lowest average IQ scores, both falling under 96.
  • There is a noticeable drop in average IQ between the top ranking state, Massachusetts at 104.3, and the median state, Missouri at 101. The bottom-ranking state, Mississippi, has a score of 94.2, revealing a 10-point difference within the US states.
  • Certain states like Alaska and Hawaii, which are geographically distinct, also exhibit lower than average IQ scores, potentially indicating that geographic isolation and unique cultural contexts may also impact these measurements.

10 Smartest States

Massachusetts - With an average IQ of 104.3, Massachusetts firmly holds the top spot. This score aligns with the educational heritage of the state which is home to several leading educational institutions including Harvard, MIT, and many more Ivy League schools. New Hampshire - Coming in a close second, New Hampshire boasts an average IQ of 104.2, suggesting the emphasis on quality education and higher income levels attributes to the state's intellectual capital.

Ranked third are both North Dakota and Vermont - Both these states have an average IQ of 103.8. These scores can be attributed to the value placed on education and the presence of higher-income families, creating a positive cycle of access to quality education and high-paying jobs.

Minnesota - At fifth place, Minnesota has an average IQ of 103.7. The high score may be reflective of its robust educational infrastructure and the socioeconomic status of its citizens. Montana and Maine - Jointly holding the sixth position, both these states record an average IQ of 103.4, underlining the quality of education within these regions.

Iowa - The state of Iowa, coming in eighth, demonstrates an average IQ of 104.2. Connecticut - Known for its excellent school systems, Connecticut ranks ninth with an average IQ of 103.1. Wisconsin - Rounding out the list at tenth, Wisconsin records an average IQ of 102.9, reinforcing its commitment to quality education.

Top 10 Smartest States by Average IQ:

  1. Massachusetts - 104.3
  2. New Hampshire - 104.2
  3. North Dakota - 103.8
  4. Vermont - 103.8
  5. Minnesota - 103.7
  6. Montana - 103.4
  7. Maine - 103.4
  8. Iowa - 103.2
  9. Connecticut - 103.1
  10. Wisconsin - 102.9

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