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Most Religious States

Most Religious States
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A Glimpse into the Most Religious States in the U.S.

With an initial commitment to allowing diverse faiths the U.S has a broad tapestry of religions within its borders. This commitment to religion varies across the states, spearheading differences in religious affiliations, frequentness of prayer, belief in a higher power, and the overall importance attributed to religion. 

Key insights from the data reveal:

  • Mississippi and Alabama form the most religious states, with 77% of the adult population being religious.
  • The religious gradient gradually reduces as we move from the South towards the Northeast. Tennessee follows closely at 73%, with Louisiana and South Carolina tying at 70% and 71%, respectively.
  • Utah, usually associated predominantly with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, interestingly, ranks 12th with 64%.
  • Notably lower religious observation is evident in New England states, with Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire holding the last three positions, hovering between 34% and 33%.
  • A geographical pattern manifests with the Southern states dominating the higher percentile bracket, reflecting the region's entrenched religious traditions.

10 Most Religious States

The 10 states with the most religious adults, according to the data, are concentrated mainly in the South and Midwest of the United States. Claiming the top spot are Mississippi and Alabama, both with a whopping 77% of adults who identify as religious. These southern states run deep with religious roots, hosting large congregations and established spiritual communities.

Closely following are Tennessee with 73% and Louisiana with an impressive 71% of religious adults. South Carolina and Arkansas tie for the fifth rank, both demonstrating a strong religious following with 70% of their adult population identifying as religious.

West Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia, and North Carolina complete the list with religious adult populations ranging between 65-69%. Although they rank lower, the impact of religion on local culture and community cannot be understated in these areas.

10 Most Religious States:

  1. Mississippi - 77%
  2. Alabama - 77%
  3. Tennessee - 73%
  4. Louisiana - 71%
  5. South Carolina - 70%
  6. Arkansas - 70%
  7. West Virginia - 69%
  8. Oklahoma - 66%
  9. Georgia - 66%
  10. North Carolina - 65%

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