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Muslim Countries

Muslim Countries
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Majority Muslim Countries around the Globe

Understanding the world's religious demographics is key to promoting pluralism, sustaining multicultural cohabitation and advocating for peace. At the heart of such endeavors, is an awareness: understanding not just the dominant religions in different regions, but also the nations with religious majority populations. A striking example of this is countries where Muslims form the majority, contributing to the rich tapestry of global culture, ideas, and perspectives.

Muslim majority countries draw from a common well of faith but exhibit extraordinary diversity in terms of ethnicity, politics, socio-economic status, and culture. From the bustling markets of Marrakesh in Morocco to the mesmerizing domes of the Blue Mosque in Turkey, these lands tell countless tales of revolutions, triumphs, challenges, and the unwavering human spirit.

Data shows that Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, with 24.1% of the world's population identifying as Muslims, according to a report by Pew Research Center. The Muslim-majority nations contribute significantly to this figure, stretching from Africa to the Middle East to South Asia. 

Key findings from the data include:

  • Among Muslim-majority countries, Morocco leads with 99.9% of its population practicing Islam, followed closely by Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iran, each reporting more than 99.5% Muslim population.
  • In the diverse landscape of Asia, the Maldives stands out with a 98.4% Muslim population, and Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country by total population, reports that 87% of its populace follows Islam.
  • In Europe, Albania is a Muslim-majority country with 82.1% of its population practicing Islam, closely rivaled by Bosnia and Herzegovina with a 46.5% Muslim population.
  • Countries in the Middle East such as Iraq, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia also possess a substantial Muslim population, ranging from 99.1% to 92.7%.

Understanding the demographic distribution of religious beliefs, such as in these Muslim-majority countries, helps provide important context to geopolitical relationships, cultural exchanges, and fosters a more inclusive dialogue across nations and societies.

Top 10 Muslim Countries

The top ten countries with the highest percentage of Muslims within their population (by rate) are, in order: Morocco, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Iraq, Yemen, Mauritania, and Mayotte. 

Morocco leads the pack with a staggering 99.9% of its population practicing Islam, followed closely by Afghanistan and Somalia, each having a 99.7% Muslim population. Iran and Tunisia have also reported that Islam is the religious identity of 99.5% of their respective populations. Western Sahara is home to a 99.4% Muslim population while Iraq, Yemen, and Mauritania each report a Muslim population rate of 99.1%. Finally, Mayotte, an insular region of France located in the Indian Ocean, completes the top ten with a 98.6% Muslim population.

Top 10 Muslim Countries:

  1. Morocco - 99.9%
  2. Afghanistan - 99.7%
  3. Somalia - 99.7%
  4. Iran - 99.5%
  5. Tunisia - 99.5%
  6. Western Sahara - 99.4%
  7. Iraq - 99.1%
  8. Yemen - 99.1%
  9. Mauritania - 99.1%
  10. Mayotte - 98.6%

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