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Most Educated Countries

Most Educated Countries
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Education in today's Global Landscape

Education is the cornerstone of societal advancement, helping to enable innovation, economic growth, and overall prosperity. Access to tertiary education around the world plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals with knowledge and practical skills, promoting personal development, expanding career opportunities, and advancing societies at large.

In analyzing the world's most educated countries, we've focused on the percentage of the population completing tertiary education - a degree or certification completed beyond the high school level, including vocational training, undergraduate, and postgraduate studies. 

Key findings from the data include: 

  • Canada leads the global chart in terms of tertiary education, with more than 60% of its population having access to and completing higher education. 
  • The United States is notable in this list, sharing sixth place with Israel. Both countries have a tertiary education rate of 50.1% - half of their respective populations have obtained an education level beyond high school. 
  • Among the top 10 countries, there is a strong representation from Europe, alongside other countries like Japan, South Korea, and Australia. 
  • South Africa and Indonesia lag behind with only 15.8% and 11.9% of their populations having tertiary education respectively. 
  • While European countries generally dominate the list, some countries like Italy (20.1%) and Turkey (22.0%) have lower rates of tertiary education.

The availability and attainment of tertiary education vary significantly across countries, influenced by factors such as economic status, government policies, cultural attitudes towards education, and more. This diversity underscores the importance of strengthening international cooperation and sharing best practices in education to ensure that opportunities for higher learning become more equitable and accessible worldwide.

10 Most Educated Countries

Leading the list of the world’s most educated countries, we have Canada with 60.0% of its populace having attained tertiary education. Canada's efforts at improving access to university education and facilitating lifelong learning for its citizens have earned it the top spot.

Following closely, Russia bags the second position with 56.7% of its population having completed tertiary education. The country's robust education system and prioritization on advanced learning contribute significantly to this ranking.

Japan ranks third with an impressive 52.7% of its population that has attained tertiary education. The emphasis on quality education in Japan, coupled with the cultural importance of academic success, underpins this high rate.

Luxembourg, with its populace of 51.3% completing tertiary education, stands fourth on the list, while South Korea follows very closely with a rate of 50.7%. South Korea, known for its rigorous and competitive education system, mirrors its commitment towards high educational standards.

Equally noteworthy is the United States sharing the sixth place with Israel, with 50.1% each of their respective citizenry having achieved tertiary education. Ireland comes next, marking a slight drop to 49.9%, closely trailed by the United Kingdom at 49.4% and Australia at 49.3%. 

The 10 Most Educated Countries (% of people with Tertiary Education):

  1. Canada - 60.0%
  2. Russia - 56.7%
  3. Japan - 52.7%
  4. Luxembourg - 51.3%
  5. South Korea - 50.7%
  6. United States - 50.1%
  7. Israel - 50.1%
  8. Ireland - 49.9%
  9. United Kingdom - 49.4%
  10. Australia - 49.3%

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