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Domestic Violence By State

Domestic Violence By State
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In the United States, the violation of safety within the sanctity of home- domestic violence- constitutes a social issue of considerable magnitude and complexity. Characterized by diverse forms of assault in domestic relationships, domestic violence can manifest as violence among partners, parent-child violence, or violence among siblings. Its impact is indiscriminate, affecting individuals across all genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic groups. The passage of Violence Against Women Acts attests to the heightened awareness and measures adopted to combat this problem. However, the persistence of domestic violence prompts more nuanced exploration of its prevalence across states.

  • Kentucky has the highest reported percentage (45.3%) of domestic violence, closely followed by Nevada (43.8%) and Alaska (43.3%).
  • States such as Arizona, Indiana, and South Carolina also showed high levels of domestic violence, well over 40%.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, states with lower levels of domestic violence were North Dakota (29.7%), New York (31.7%), Rhode Island (32.6%). However, even these lower percentages are concerning.
  • A closer analysis shows a possible correlation between region and domestic violence rates. For instance, many southern states like Kentucky, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi have domestic violence rates of 40% and more.
  • The data also revealed an alarming nationwide phenomenon: No state reported a domestic violence rate below 29.7%, underlining the gravity of domestic violence across the United States.

States with the Highest Rate of Domestic Violence

The state reporting the most significant percentage of domestic violence cases was Kentucky, with a disturbing 45.3%, positioning it at the top of this unfortunate list. 

Not far behind was Nevada, with a domestic violence rate of 43.8%, granting it the second highest position in domestic violence prevalence. 

Coming in at the third spot was Alaska which reported a domestic violence rate of 43.3%. Alaska’s high prevalence of domestic violence is particularly disturbing, given that its remote location can make it difficult for victims to access much-needed resources and support.

Arizona and Indiana followed closely with substantial domestic violence rates of 42.6% and 42.5% respectively. South Carolina reported a domestic violence rate of 42.3%, putting it in the sixth position.

Missouri, Illinois, Washington, and Arkansas were also included in the top ten states with considerable rates of domestic violence ranging from 40.8% to 41.8%.

States with the Highest Rate of Domestic Violence:

  1. Kentucky - 45.3%
  2. Nevada - 43.8%
  3. Alaska - 43.3%
  4. Arizona - 42.6%
  5. Indiana - 42.5%
  6. South Carolina - 42.3%
  7. Missouri - 41.8%
  8. Illinois - 41.5%
  9. Washington - 41.4%
  10. Arkansas - 40.8%.

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