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Ez Pass Cost By State

Ez Pass Cost By State
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E-ZPass Prices by State

Understanding the cost of E-ZPass is essential for individuals frequently navigating the network of tolled roads, bridges, and tunnels that span across the Midwestern and Eastern United States. This electronic toll collection system, established in 1987, employs RFID transponders, either mounted on vehicle windshields or front license plates, to transmit unique signals that respond to toll transmitters. Offering both convenience and efficiency, drivers using E-ZPass can opt for the speed of "Express E-ZPass" lanes, bypassing manual toll booths without having to slow down.

Fees associated with E-ZPass vary from state to state. The costs commonly include a one-time fee for the transponder and maintaining a minimum balance on the account, with some states additionally charging a monthly account fee. This article focuses on providing a state-wise breakdown of E-ZPass costs, specifically the combined transponder and minimum balance fees.

  • Costs by Region: Interestingly, costs for E-ZPass vary notably across states, ranging from $40.00 in the highest-cost state, Delaware, to as low as $20.00 in the lowest-cost states, Massachusetts and Illinois.
  • Cost Groupings: Overall, states can be broadly clustered into three different cost categories. Delaware stands as the single state with a cost of $40.00. A group of states, including New Hampshire, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, have costs around the mid-thirties (from $33.00 - $37.15). The remaining states all have E-ZPass costs between $20.00 and $30.55.
  • Concentration of Costs: A significant portion of states (8 out of 17) have E-ZPass costs set at $25.00, which appears to be a common base rate for many states. 
  • Lowest Costs: The two states offering the lowest cost for E-ZPass are Massachusetts and Illinois, both with a rate of $20.00.

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