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Dumbest Countries

Dumbest Countries
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Intelligence quotient (IQ) has always been a subject of intense debate and numerous studies. Amidst the controversy, it's crucial to remember that national IQ averages are both useful and somewhat contentious illustrations. Yet, these scores can offer a lens to view and compare intellectual potential across different nations — all while highlighting the numerous socio-economic and educational factors that can play into these differences.

  • The Asian countries, especially East Asia, lead by a wide margin in terms of average IQ scores. With Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and China in the top 6, the emphasis on education in these countries and their cultural focus on intellectual achievement can be seen as a significant contributing factor.
  • On the lower end of the spectrum, nations such as Nepal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guatemala exhibit significantly lower IQ averages, sitting below an IQ score of 50.
  • More affluent nations typically appear to have higher average IQ scores. For example, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands all rank within the top quarter of the list.
  • There seems to be a regional pattern among less economically developed countries having lower average scores. African nations like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cape Verde and Gambia, all appearing within the 10 lowest averages.

Dumbest Countries in the World

Based on data, Nepal has the lowest average IQ at 42.99, followed by Sierra Leone and Liberia, both with an average IQ of 45.07. Guatemala comes in fourth with a marginally higher average IQ of 47.72. Middle-ranking countries include Cape Verde and Gambia with average IQ scores of 52.5 and 52.68 respectively. Nicaragua and Guinea also fall into a similar range with 52.69 and 53.48 scores respectively. Notably higher on the list are Ghana and Ivory Coast, both with average IQs of 58.16.

Dumbest Countries in the World (by Average IQ):

  1. Nepal - 42.99
  2. Sierra Leone - 45.07
  3. Liberia - 45.07
  4. Guatemala - 47.72
  5. Cape Verde - 52.5
  6. Gambia - 52.68
  7. Nicaragua - 52.69
  8. Guinea - 53.48
  9. Ghana - 58.16
  10. Ivory Coast - 58.16

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