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Drunkest Cities in America

Drunkest Cities in America

America's Drunkest Cities

Alcohol, the world's most commonly used psychoactive substance, finds social acceptability across most corners of the globe. While it can be enjoyed responsibly for relaxation or reciprocation in various celebratory occasions, it also poses severe threats to public health when consumed excessively. This paradoxical scenario is strongly reflected in American society where roughly 18% of adults regularly imbibe more than the recommended amounts of alcohol.

In a bid to identify the geographical hotspots of heavy drinking, we've utilized a national data set indicating the 'Percentage of Adults Drinking to Excess' across various cities. 

  • Wisconsin seems to be the heaviest drinking state, with seven cities, including Green Bay (26.5%), Eau Claire (26.2%), and Appleton (26.2%), ranking in the top ten list of America's drunkest cities.
  • North Dakota features twice on the list with Fargo (25.2%) and Grand Forks (24.2%) depicting high volumes of alcohol consumption. This is closely followed by Iowa, with two cities marked as heavy drinking areas - Iowa City (23.1%) and Ames (22.7%).
  • The city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is identified as the 'drunkest' city in America, with a staggering 26.5% of its adult population regularly indulging in excessive drinking.



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