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Exports by Country

Exports by Country
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Global Exports Landscape

World trade fuels economies across the globe, with exports contributing significantly to national revenue streams, job creation, and economic growth. For many countries, exports have become an integral part of economic strategies and vision for progress. However, the dynamics of exports greatly differ across the globe.

  • Firstly, China takes the lead, exporting goods and services worth $3.6 trillion, followed by the United States at $2.5 trillion and Germany at $2 trillion. This highlights the dominant role these countries play in international trade. Their diversified economies, robust manufacturing sectors, and strategic trade policies are key contributors to their leading positions.
  • A significant gap can be observed after the top three export giants with Japan, the fourth-ranking country, exporting goods worth only $910 billion - less than half of Germany's value.  
  • Among the top 45 countries, only one is from the African continent, South Africa, ranked at 37. Just two are from South America - Brazil and Argentina, ranked at 23 and 45, respectively, highlighting regional disparities in export capacities.
  • Small countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, despite their limited geographical scope, rank in the top 10 largely due to their strategic locations and strong emphasis on trade-friendly policies.

Biggest Exporters in the World

Leading the pack is China, a testament to its evolved manufacturing sector and expanding global trade linkages. The data reveals China's export value to be a towering $3.6 trillion. 

Following China, the second largest exporter is the United States, with an export value accumulation of $2.5 trillion. The nation is a major player in numerous sectors, including technology, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, thus holding a considerable stake in global trade.

Germany, esteemed for its automotive and industrial sectors, is the third largest exporter. The country's annual exports amount to $2 trillion, demonstrating its key role in international trading dynamics.

Japan emerges in fourth place with an export total of $910 billion, significantly lesser than the top three, yet commendable given its emphasis on electronics and automobile sectors. 

The United Kingdom secures fifth place with $875 billion in exports, closely followed by France clocking in $871 billion, both countries being key contributors towards European export figures.

The Netherlands, known for its robust infrastructure and ports, has an export value of $840 billion, affirming it as the seventh biggest exporter, whereas South Korea, an active player in technology and automobile sectors, stands at eighth position with exports valued at $761 billion. 

Interestingly, despite having smaller geographical size, both Hong Kong and Singapore make it to the top ten. Hong Kong with exports totalling $751 billion and Singapore with $734 billion, credit to their strategic geographical locations and comprehensive trading policies.

Biggest Exporters in the World:

  1. China - $3.6 trillion
  2. United States - $2.5 trillion
  3. Germany - $2 trillion
  4. Japan - $910 billion
  5. United Kingdom - $875 billion
  6. France - $871 billion
  7. Netherlands - $840 billion
  8. South Korea - $761 billion
  9. Hong Kong - $751 billion
  10. Singapore - $734 billion

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