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Countries in Africa

Countries in Africa


Africa, a continent rich in cultural diversity, natural resources and a vibrant history, is also a melting pot of some of the world's most populous nations. It hosts an array of countries, each with its unique population size, contributing their distinct population proportions to Africa's 1.2 billion inhabitants. This eclectic assemblage ranges from populous republics like Nigeria to tranquil island nations such as Seychelles.

  • Nigeria holds the lead with an impressive population of 211.4 million people, reflecting the country's vibrant blend of ethnicities and cultures. Following Nigeria are Ethiopia and Egypt, with populations of 117.9 million and 104.3 million, respectively.
  • The top five most populous African nations – Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, DR Congo, and Tanzania – together make up around 40% of the continent's total population, indicating a concentrated assembly of inhabitants within these regions.
  • Despite their geographical size, smaller countries such as Rwanda and Burundi have substantial populations, demonstrating high population density. Rwanda, with a fairly small land area, houses 13.3 million inhabitants, and Burundi, though smaller, is home to 12.3 million residents.
  • A glimpse into Africa's island nations reveals a contrasting demographic scenario. Seychelles, Africa's smallest country, boasts a serene island life for its roughly 98,000 residents. The island nation of Mauritius isn't far behind, hosting around 1.3 million people.  
  • Diverse population pockets scatter even among the middle-ranking countries, such as South Africa with 60 million residents to Mali's 20.9 million, reflecting a dynamic and varying population spread.

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