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Flattest States

Flattest States


What states fall flat under the eyes of geographers? While the mountainous landscapes of certain U.S. cities often find their way into postcards, a sizeable proportion of the United States boasts landscapes as smooth as a pancake. Using the 'State Elevation Difference' as an indicator, we decipher which states boast the minimal variability in their land forms.

  • Florida, with an elevation difference of just 345, is the flattest state in the U.S., closely followed by Kentucky, Delaware, and Louisiana.
  • Although Kansas is often thought of as having the flattest landscape, it in fact ranks 21st in terms of the elevation difference, indicating that it is flatter than many states but not the flattest.
  • The states with the most significant elevation differences, indicating a more diverse and rugged topography, are Alaska, California, Washington, Hawaii, and Nevada.
  • Notably, not all states in the Midwest and Great Plains regions have low elevation differences. For example, South Dakota, often associated with the flat geography of the Great Plains, ranks 34th on the list with a sizable elevation difference of 6,279.

10 Flattest States

The ten states with the most consistent elevation, and hence, flatter landscapes, are Florida, Kentucky, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Iowa. 

Florida tops the list as the flattest state with a mere 345 feet elevation difference across the entire state.  Kentucky closely follows Florida as the second flattest state in the U.S., with a little higher elevation difference of 388 feet. The third flattest state is Delaware, with an elevation difference of 450 feet. Louisiana, famous for its vast wetlands, limns an elevation difference of 542 feet, making it the fourth flattest state in the country.

The next two states on the list are Mississippi and Rhode Island, having a elevation difference of 807 and 814 feet, respectively. Indiana, regarded for its widespread farmlands, features a difference of 935 feet from its highest to lowest points. 

The list continues with Illinois, where the elevation difference is 958 feet. The midwestern state Ohio, surprisingly beats Kansas and comes in as the ninth flattest state with an elevation difference of 1,093 feet. Wrapping up the list is Iowa, known for its cornfields, showing an elevation difference of 1,191 feet.

10 Flattest States based on the State Elevation Differences:

  1. Florida - 345 feet
  2. Kentucky - 388 feet
  3. Delaware - 450 feet
  4. Louisiana - 542 feet
  5. Mississippi - 807 feet
  6. Rhode Island - 814 feet
  7. Indiana - 935 feet
  8. Illinois - 958 feet
  9. Ohio - 1,093 feet
  10. Iowa - 1,191 feet

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