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Coastline Length By State

Coastline Length By State
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The Scenic Shorelines of America

Coastlines are a significant part of our global topography, shaping not just the physical landscape of regions, but also influencing ecosystems, weather patterns, and human lifestyle. With an abundance of diverse coastal landscapes, including the majestic Atlantic Ocean, the serene Pacific, the rippling waters of the Great Lakes, the Arctic Coast's harsh beauty, and the Gulf of Mexico's warm embrace, the United States is renowned for its scenic shorelines. The U.S. proudly hosts over 12,000 miles of ocean coastline spread across 30 states, each boasting unique geological features and ecological richness.

  • Alaska, in the top spot, boasts an astounding 33,904 miles of coastline, reflecting the state's vast geographical spread and its unique positioning along the Arctic coast.
  • The coastal states of Florida and Louisiana follow, providing a combined coastline mileage of more than 16,000 miles.
  • The states along the Pacific coast, including California, Washington, and Oregon, feature considerably less shoreline mileage compared to their Atlantic and Gulf coast counterparts. The leading Pacific state, California, has a shoreline of 3,427 miles, less than half that of Florida.
  • Interestingly, the Great Lakes states show a significant range in coastline lengths, with Michigan sporting a vast 3,224 miles compared to Illinois' mere 63 miles.

States with the Most Coastline

According to the data, the state with the most coastline is Alaska, offering a sprawling 33,904 miles of shoreline. The top spot is unsurprising given Alaska's vast expanse of geography, touching both the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

Next in line is Florida, boasting 8,436 miles of dramatic coastline. Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida serenades with its gorgeous expanses of sandy beaches along both the Atlantic and the Gulf Coast. 

Following closely is Louisiana, which too traces the Gulf of Mexico, providing a total coastline length of 7,721 miles. This state features a unique coastline dotted with bayous, marshlands, and deltas, providing an essential habitat for numerous wildlife species.

Maine, known for its rocky and indented coastline, encompasses approximately 3,478 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. California, another state famed for its Pacific beaches and cliff-lined shores, contributes 3,427 miles of shoreline. 

North Carolina and Texas, both of which share the Atlantic and the Gulf coastlines respectively, come next with 3,375 and 3,359 miles respectively, followed by Virginia claiming 3,315 miles of Atlantic coast.

Also featuring on the list with impressive shoreline is Michigan. Its coastline length of 3,224 miles, largely made up of the Great Lakes coast, stands as testimony to its "Great Lakes State" nickname. 

Finally, closing the top ten is Maryland with 3,190 miles of coastline, á mix of the Atlantic coast and several significant estuaries and bays, the most notable being the Chesapeake Bay

States with the Most Coastline:

  1. Alaska - 33,904 mile
  2. Florida - 8,436 miles
  3. Louisiana - 7,721 miles
  4. Maine - 3,478 miles
  5. California - 3,427 miles
  6. North Carolina - 3,375 miles
  7. Texas - 3,359 miles
  8. Virginia - 3,315 miles
  9. Michigan - 3,224 miles
  10. Maryland - 3,190 miles

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