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Circumcision Rate by State

Circumcision Rate by State
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Circumcision Rates Across America

Circumcision remains a markedly divisive topic on both the medical and ethical front, with fluctuating rates that correspond heavily with geographical, cultural, religious, and individual parental influences. As an elective surgery executed primarily on babies and children, its practice can denote a child's cultural or religious heritage. However, its necessity and potential risk factors continue to be a point of contention within global medical discourse.

  • The highest circumcision rates are primarily found in the Midwestern states like West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin, all surpassing a circumcision rate of 80%.
  • Conversely, Western states like California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington present the lowest circumcision rates, with all of them reporting rates at less than a quarter of the population.
  • Strikingly, the state of Florida reports a circumcision rate of 31%, while Utah showcases one of the lowest rates at 33%.

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