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Corn Production By State

Corn Production By State

Corn in the Heartland

When it comes to American agriculture, corn production plays a central role, with its tremendous influence on our food system and economy. Corn, also known as maize, is a versatile crop that serves as a foundational ingredient in a wide variety of products, ranging from the food we consume to animal feed, biofuels, and even alcoholic beverages. 

Today, the United States stands as the global leader in corn production, with a staggering 96 million acres dedicated to its cultivation. Most notably, the Heartland region, including states like Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Minnesota, serves as the major hub of corn production.

Key insights:

  • Among the United States' vast landscape, four states, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Minnesota,  producing over 1 billion bushels of corn annually.
  • Outside of these major players in the corn industry, 19 other states contribute a significant amount, each producing over 100 million bushels of corn annually.
  • While corn is grown in nearly every state, the Heartland region reigns supreme in terms of both quantity and quality. A robust 38% of the world's total corn exports come from the United States, underlining the country's prevalent role in the global agricultural ecosystem.
  • More than just a local commodity, the United States generated approximately $12.9 billion from corn exports alone in 2018, testifying to the crop's considerable economic clout.

Top Corn Producing States

Topping the list with an illustrious standing as "The Corn State", is Iowa, contributing a whopping 2.5 billion bushels to the nation's production. This massive output underscores Iowa's preeminence in corn cultivation, with the state being a significant part of the 96 million acres in the U.S. dedicated to the diverse crop. 

Just trailing Iowa, we find Illinois, credited with a commendable 2.3 billion bushels of corn. Next in line, Nebraska and Minnesota contribute substantial amounts of 1.6 and 1.4 billion bushels respectively, further emphasizing the Heartland region's prominent role in corn production. 

Indiana, another state from the Heartland region, annually generates 965 million bushels of corn. South Dakota, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Missouri round out the list of top-ten corn-producing states, with outputs ranging from 493 to 656 million bushels.

Top Corn Producing States:

  1. Iowa - 2.5B
  2. Illinois - 2.3B
  3. Nebraska - 1.6B
  4. Minnesota - 1.4B
  5. Indiana - 965M
  6. South Dakota - 656M
  7. Kansas - 592M
  8. Ohio - 580M
  9. Wisconsin - 537M
  10. Missouri - 493M

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