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Cities with Most Murders

Cities with Most Murders
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Unmasking the Murder Capitals Across America

In the context of safety and harmony, within the confines of a nation lies an unsettling truth, mirrored in the increased number of homicides across various cities. The United States, has an alarming trend in its homicide rates in certain cities, an unfortunate reality that has dropped its safety index each year since 2016.

Crunching the numbers and delving into specific 'Murder Rates', we see a grim pattern emerging in cities across America. In fact, some of the nation's largest cities offer surprisingly good odds, while some smaller cities have been ravaged by murder rates that, proportionately, are significantly higher.

  • Topping the charts with a staggering murder rate of 69.4 per 100k people, St. Louis, MO, has the highest rate, with Baltimore, MD, following with a rate of 51.1. This trend of smaller cities having higher homicide rates compared to larger cities somewhat contradicts the common misconception of larger population equating to more crimes. 
  • Cities like Detroit, Cleveland, and Las Vegas also make it in the top 6 with murder rates of 39.7, 33.7, and 31.4, respectively, pointing towards a concerning trend in both urban and suburban areas.
  • Cities like Chicago and Cincinnati, while experiencing lower murder rates of 24.0 and 23.8, are not far from the grim statistics, pressing the case for a comprehensive approach tackling this issue across the nation.
  • Interestingly, larger cities like New York, known for their dense population, don't make it to this list, challenging preconceived notions about crime rates and city size.



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