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Coffee Consumption By Country

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Coffee Consumption Across the Globe

In today’s fast-paced world, coffee has become a daily necessity for millions of people, fueling morning routines and late-night cram sessions with its rich aroma and cherished caffeine content. Delectable, versatile, and an energy booster, coffee is an integral part of various cultures and economies. This article delves into coffee consumption across the globe, with a special emphasis on the United States, a major shareholder in the coffee market. 

Coffee culture is deeply woven into the American lifestyle. Despite its prevalence in everyday American life, the US's coffee consumption data can be surprising--both in the magnitude of consumption and compared to the rest of the world. According to recent data, the United States consumes a staggering 1.6 billion pounds of coffee annually.

Key findings from the data include:

  • On the global scale, the United States is the largest consumer of coffee, with an annual coffee consumption of 1.6 billion pounds, significantly more than any other country.
  • In comparison, Germany, the second-largest consumer, takes in 520.2 million pounds annually—less than one-third of the US's consumption.
  • With respect to Asian countries, Japan leads in coffee consumption with 453.1 million pounds per year.
  • European countries have a high coffee consumption rate, with France, Italy, and Russia consuming 371.5 million pounds, 328.1 million pounds, and 289.2 million pounds respectively.
  • Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and Spain intake 226.2 million pounds and 195.2 million pounds, indicating a lesser, yet substantial, attraction towards coffee.

As we traverse through various regions and cultures, one constant remains—the irreplaceable charm of coffee. Delving into these figures not only brings forth the weightage of the coffee industry but also underlines the cultural relevance of this beloved beverage.

Countries that Drink the Most Coffee

The ten countries that consume the highest amount of coffee are United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands. The United States stands tall above others as the biggest coffee consumer with a staggering 1.6 billion pounds per year. The second largest consumer of coffee is Germany, with a relatively lower consumption rate of 520.2 million pounds. Following Germany, Japan consumes 453.1 million pounds of coffee annually. France and Italy, known for their coffee cultures, are not far behind with 371.5 million and 328.1 million pounds respectively.

Further down the list, Russia consumes 289.2 million pounds of coffee annually while the United Kingdom indulges in 226.2 million pounds each year. Spain registers an annual coffee consumption of 195.2 million pounds and Poland consumes 150.1 million pounds. Last in the top ten, but by no means the least, the Netherlands partakes in 121.8 million pounds of coffee annually.

10 Countries with the Highest Coffee Consumption:

  1. United States - 1.6B lbs
  2. Germany - 520.2M lbs
  3. Japan - 453.1M lbs
  4. France - 371.5M lbs
  5. Italy - 328.1M lbs
  6. Russia - 289.2M lbs
  7. United Kingdom - 226.2M lbs
  8. Spain - 195.2M lbs
  9. Poland - 150.1M lbs
  10. Netherlands - 121.8M lbs

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