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Average IQ By State

Average IQ By State


The Human Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, has long been a measure of cognitive capabilities, with its scores offering insights into both individuals and larger populations. On a national level, the average IQ of the United States is reported to be 98. However, this single value fails to capture the vast disparities between different states. By analyzing public data from IQ tests, SAT and ACT scores, and educational attainment levels, this article takes a more granular look at the "Average IQ by State" in the U.S., revealing not just average values but the patterns and regional nuances that shape this distribution.

Key findings from the data include:

  • The state with the highest average IQ is Massachusetts, ranking first with an average IQ of 104.3. This state is renowned for its educational institutions, possibly contributing to the elevated IQ levels. 
  • The second and third highest ranking states are New Hampshire and North Dakota, with average IQ scores of 104.2 and 103.8, respectively.
  • On the other side of the spectrum rests Mississippi at the rank of 50, with a lower average IQ of 94.2. This ranking may reflect socio-economic factors that affect residents' access to quality education, a significant aspect contributing to IQ levels.
  • Racial, educational, and economic disparities likely factor into state variations, highlighting the complex matrix of conditions that influence intellectual development and testing outcomes.

States with Highest IQ

Scaling the peak of the list is Massachusetts, reaching the first rank with an average IQ score of 104.3. Renowned for its high-ranking educational institutions, including Harvard University and MIT, it's plausible that the state's rich academic environment significantly contributes to its elevated IQ levels. 

Holding the second position, New Hampshire flaunts an average IQ of 104.2. Tied for third place are North Dakota and Vermont with an equal average IQ of 103.8. Minnesota, known for its thriving economy and well-regarded schools, ranks at the fifth position with an average IQ of 103.7. Followed by Montana and Maine, which both have recorded an average IQ of 103.4 - securing the 6th rank.

Iowa, often associated with its quality education system, appears next in the list with an average IQ of 103.2. Coming in 9th place, we have Connecticut with an average IQ of 103.1, while Wisconsin wraps up the top 10 with an average IQ of 102.9. 

States with the highest IQ:

  1. Massachusetts - 104.3
  2. New Hampshire - 104.2
  3. North Dakota - 103.8, 
  4. Vermont - 103.8
  5. Minnesota - 103.7
  6. Montana - 103.4
  7. Maine - 103.4
  8. Iowa - 103.2
  9. Connecticut - 103.1
  10. Wisconsin - 102.9

States with Lowest IQ

The state holding the rank for the lowest average IQ is Mississippi, with an IQ of 94.2. The socioeconomic factors and access to quality education may be significant contributing factors to the lower IQ. Just above Mississippi, you have Louisiana, with an average IQ of 95.3.

California surprisingly comes up next with an average IQ of 95.5. Hawaii follows closely with an average IQ of 95.6. Then, we have a tie between New Mexico and Alabama, each holding an average IQ of 95.7. This ties them for the 45th spot in terms of average state IQ.

Nevada comes next with an average IQ of 96.5, followed by Arizona at 97.4, and Arkansas at 97.5. Tennessee rounds off our list, with an average IQ of 97.7.

10 States with the Lowest IQ:

  1. Mississippi - 94.2
  2. Louisiana - 95.3
  3. California - 95.5
  4. Hawaii - 95.6
  5. New Mexico - 95.7
  6. Alabama - 95.7
  7. Nevada - 96.5
  8. Arizona - 97.4
  9. Arkansas - 97.5
  10. Tennessee - 97.7

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