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Prison Population By State

Prison Population By State
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A Deep Dive into America's Prison Population

Incarceration rates in the United States are a matter of national and global consideration. America holds the distinction of having the highest rate of imprisonment worldwide—a title further emphasized by the fact that despite reaching its lowest level in two decades, the U.S. still accounts for nearly a quarter of the global prison populace. The mass incarceration witnessed within the nation has birthed a multitude of issues, from overcrowded prisons with heightened health risks to significant financial strain on state coffers. For others, it is seen as a poignant civil rights concern, with particular impacts on poor people and minority communities.

  • With a prison population of 139,319, Texas has the highest number of incarcerated individuals. This is followed by California with 98,039 prisoners, and Florida, housing 84,121 individuals.
  • Despite having comparatively smaller population sizes, several states have notably high prison populations. For instance, Georgia, with a relatively smaller population compared to the bigger states, has 47,997 prisoners, ranking fourth on the list.
  • The states with the smallest prison populations in are primarily in regions with lower overall populations. Among them, Vermont has the least with 1,360 prisoners, followed by Maine with 1,652 and North Dakota with 1,767.

States with the Largest Prisoner Population

The state with the largest prison population in 2022 is Texas, accommodating a staggering 139,319 incarcerated individuals. This is followed by California, with its prisons harboring 98,039 inmates while Florida locks at the third place, with a prison population of 84,121.

Not far behind, Georgia reports a total of 47,997 prisoners despite having a smaller populace as compared to the larger states. This alarming figure brings Georgia to the fourth spot in our list. Meanwhile, Ohio houses a significant number of imprisoned people as well, standing at 44,732.

Pennsylvania finds itself next in our rankings, with 39,286 inmates accommodated in its prison system. Arizona and Michigan, despite their marginally smaller populations as compared to other states, report engaging prison population figures of 33,584 and 32,227 respectively. 

New York, known for its high population, reports a prison populace of 31,099, and North Carolina finishes our top 10 list with a figure of 30,264 prisoners.

States with the Largest Prison Population:

  1. Texas: 139,319
  2. California: 98,039
  3. Florida: 84,121
  4. Georgia: 47,997
  5. Ohio: 44,732
  6. Pennsylvania: 39,286
  7. Arizona: 33,584
  8. Michigan: 32,227
  9. New York: 31,099
  10. North Carolina: 30,264

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