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Poverty Rate By Country

Poverty Rate By Country

Navigating the World Poverty Landscape

Poverty, a burdensome reality for many around the world, continues to be the focus of governmental and international development efforts. According to comprehensive data generated by the World Bank and other similar organizations, we gain valuable insights about the poverty situation in different nations. 

With many countries struggling under the weight of their poverty rates, it's clear that the issue transcends geographic borders, cultures, and economic structures. Clearly, addressing poverty is a global responsibility – one that requires us to take a closer look at individual national circumstances to devise effective strategies.

Key findings from the data provided include:

  • Equatorial Guinea has the highest poverty rate worldwide at 76.8%, closely followed by South Sudan at 76.4%.
  • Interestingly, the data reveals some lower poverty rates in developed countries. For instance, the United States stands at 17.8%, while countries like the United Kingdom and Canada exhibit rates at 18.6% and 11.6%, respectively.
  • Countries with the lowest poverty rates include China at 0.6% and Ukraine at 1.1%. This draws attention to the widespread efforts employed in these countries to address poverty.
  • It is equally notable to see that countries like Madagascar and Guatemala, despite rich geographical resources, display high poverty rates at 70.7% and 59.3%.
  • Looking at the Middle East and North Africa region, Yemen showcases a high poverty rate at 48.6%, while some, like Egypt, have moderate rates at 32.5%.

As we delve further into these figures, it becomes evident that poverty is a multifaceted issue requiring both national and international strategic solutions. Interpreting this data, we can understand the depth of the problem and, consequently, drive a targeted approach to diminish poverty rates in various countries.

Countries With Highest Poverty Rates

The report on poverty rates shows that the ten countries with the highest poverty rates are Equatorial Guinea, South Sudan, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Sao Tome and Principe, Burundi, DR Congo, Central African Republic, and Guatemala. Among these, Equatorial Guinea has the highest poverty rate, with a staggering 76.8% of its population living below the poverty line. This is slightly higher than South Sudan which follows with a poverty rate of 76.4%.

Madagascar is the third country on this list with a poverty rate of 70.7%, followed by Guinea-Bissau with a poverty rate of 69.3%. Close to this, Eritrea comes fifth with a poverty rate of 69.0%. Sao Tome and Principe has a poverty rate of 66.7%, making it the sixth country on this list. 

Following these, Burundi has a poverty rate of 64.9%, DR Congo has 63.9%, Central African Republic has 62.0%, and Guatemala complete the list with 59.3% of its population living in poverty.

10 Countries with the Highest Poverty Rates:

1. Equatorial Guinea - 76.8%

2. South Sudan - 76.4%

3. Madagascar - 70.7%

4. Guinea-Bissau - 69.3%

5. Eritrea - 69.0%

6. Sao Tome and Principe - 66.7%

7. Burundi - 64.9%

8. DR Congo - 63.9%

9. Central African Republic - 62.0%

10. Guatemala - 59.3%

Countries With Lowest Poverty Rates

Among the globe's nations, some stand out with remarkably low poverty rates. China leads the pack with the lowest poverty rate globally, standing at a mere 0.6%. The second-lowest, Ukraine, has a poverty rate of just 1.1%. Sri Lanka, with a rate of 4.1%, occupies the third spot. Kazakhstan steals the fourth place with their poverty rate standing at 4.3%, closely followed by Morocco, which has a poverty rate of 4.8%.

Next in line is Belarus, having managed to keep their poverty rate at a reasonably low level of 5.0%. Algeria and Malaysia follow, with their poverty rates being 5.5% and 5.6% respectively. Azerbaijan, with a poverty rate of 6.0%, and Vietnam at 6.7%, round out the list of top ten countries with the lowest poverty rates.

The ten countries with the lowest poverty rates:

1. China - 0.6%

2. Ukraine - 1.1%

3. Sri Lanka - 4.1%

4. Kazakhstan - 4.3%

5. Morocco - 4.8%

6. Belarus - 5.0%

7. Algeria - 5.5%

8. Malaysia - 5.6%

9. Azerbaijan - 6.0%

10. Vietnam - 6.7%"

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