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Pet Ownership Statistics By State

Pet Ownership Statistics By State

Fur, Feathers, and Scales Across the States

Pet ownership in the United States is a widespread phenomenon, enriching lives with companionship and mutual affection. The bond between humans and their pets continues to grow, with different states showing varying levels of pet adoption influenced by factors like lifestyle, climate, or economic constraints. From dogs and cats to birds or reptiles, each pet owner in America holds diverse preferences reflecting their unique personality and lifestyle choices.

Transporting us into this realm of pet fascination, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) conducts detailed surveys capturing the nuances of pet ownership among households. Nearly 59% of American households were proud pet owners, making pets an integral part of American households.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Wyoming tops the ranking with the country's highest pet ownership rate at 71.8%, followed closely by West Virginia at 71% and Idaho and Vermont, both at 70%.
  • In contrast, California, with a pet ownership percentage of 40.1 %, has the lowest pet ownership rate. Rhode Island and South Dakota also show lower percentages with 45.4% and 46% respectively.
  • Among the top 10 states with high pet ownership, seven are rural states, indicating a potentially higher preference for pets in rural settings. On the other hand, states with large urban populations like California and New Jersey exhibit lower pet ownership rates. 
  • While dogs maintain their edge as America's preferred pet, having found a home in nearly 40% of households by the end of 2019, roughly 27.8% of households hosted cats. 
  • Most states have pet ownership rates higher than 50%, reflecting the nation's love for pets and the integral role they play in many American households.

States with the Highest Levels of Pet Ownership

When it comes to states with the highest levels of pet ownership, Wyoming secures the top spot with a pet ownership rate of 71.8%. This is closely followed by West Virginia, which holds a pet ownership rate of 71%. Idaho and Vermont tie for third place, each showcasing a pet ownership rate of 70%.

Coming in just behind the top three, Indiana holds a pet ownership rate of 69.2%. This is followed closely by the southern state of Arkansas with a pet ownership rate of 69%. Despite its predominantly rural nature, Mississippi still has a robust pet ownership rate of 65.5%.

The eighth position is held by Oklahoma, with a pet ownership rate of 65%. Not far behind, Kentucky sports a pet ownership rate of 64.1%. Last in the top 10 list but no less important, is North Dakota, showcasing a pet ownership rate of 63.7%.

States with the Highest Levels of Pet Ownership:

  1. Wyoming - 71.8%
  2. West Virginia - 71%
  3. Idaho - 70%
  4. Vermont - 70%
  5. Indiana - 69.2%
  6. Arkansas - 69%
  7. Mississippi - 65.5%
  8. Oklahoma - 65%
  9. Kentucky - 64.1%
  10. North Dakota - 63.7%

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