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Poorest Cities in America

Poorest Cities in America
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Poverty in America: A Deeper Dive

As one of the world's foremost economies, the United States rests on an image of prosperity and opportunity. Yet, a closer examination of the income distribution across the nation presents a starkly different image of significant income disparities and pockets of poverty, even in major urban areas. Based on data curated to account for the percentage of low-income residents, this article will explore the top poorest cities in America.

  • Memphis, Tennessee stands out as the city with the highest percentage of low-income residents, with a staggering 42.3% of its population classified as low income. This figure considerably outpaces the national poverty rate of 11.8%, indicative of profound economic disparities within the city.
  • Most cities on this list are located in the Rust Belt or the Northeast, regions historically associated with high poverty rates due to industrial decline and economic restructuring.
  • Among the cities listed, California's Fresno is the only one from the West Coast, highlighting the regional disparity in poverty, with this issue being more prevalent in the Midwest and Northeast.
  • Three cities from the deindustrialized Great Lakes region, Detroit, MI, Buffalo, NY, and Toledo, OH, feature in the top ten, emphasizing the economic struggle these areas continue to grapple with.
  • Despite Florida's reputation for wealth and tourism, Miami has a significant poverty rate, with 31.7% of its population classified as low income, underscoring the inequity present even within high-tourism areas.



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