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Poorest Countries In The World

Poorest Countries In The World

Poverty Across the Globe

Inequality is one of the most pressing issues across the globe, with a significant focus on the world's absolute poorest nations. This investigation into the world's poorest countries paints a sobering picture of the disparities in wealth and prospects that exist between different regions. This analysis is crucial as it helps to inform policy decisions, charitable strategies, and helps to draw attention to those most in need.

Based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, data indicates the critical economic challenges faced by numerous countries worldwide. It's important to note that while GDP per capita is an valuable measure of a country's economic prosperity, it does not necessarily reflect the overall standard of living or the distribution of wealth within a country.

Key findings from our analysis include:

  • The country with the lowest GDP per capita worldwide is Somalia, with a surprisingly low average of $73 per capita, indicating the country's dire economic situation.
  • Unfortunately, African nations dominate the list of the poorest countries in the world, with Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Niger, and Central African Republic among the lowest-ranking countries based on GDP per capita.
  • Even within this group, significant disparities exist. For example, the GDP per capita of Burundi, one of the poorest countries, is nearly three times higher than that of Somalia.
  • Contrastingly, nations like Monaco and Liechtenstein boasted the world's highest GDP - at a staggering $178,200 and $156,500 respectively.
  • While South Asia and Southeast Asia have seen rapid economic growth in recent years, countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Nepal remain among the world's poorest.

This examination of global distribution of wealth underscores the continued importance of focusing on sustainable economic development, particularly in countries at the lower end of the GDP per capita scale. Leveraging such data is crucial to developing informed strategies aimed at reducing poverty and promoting economic growth globally.

10 Poorest Countries in the World

Topping the list is Somalia, with an alarmingly low GDP per capita of just $73. Stationed in the Horn of Africa, this nation grapples with political instability and recurrent droughts that starkly affect its economic performance. 

The second poorest nation is Burundi, with a GDP per capita of $217. Located in the African Great Lakes region, it suffers from a volatile political environment, intersecting with extreme poverty, food security issues, and limited access to education and health services.

Next, Malawi experiences a GDP per capita of $254. It is a low-income, heavily reliant on agriculture, which is vulnerable to weather-related shocks and leads to periodic subsistence crises.

The fourth and fifth poorest nations are Niger and the Central African Republic, with respective GDP per capita of $277 and $315. They portray a grim picture of economic deprivation aggravated by hostile climates, conflict, and unstable governance.

Mozambique, with a GDP per capita of $322, ranks sixth. It battles problems like high disease burden, low educational attainment, and climate-driven crises. Gambia, with $356 per capita, faces similar socio-economic challenges. 

Meanwhile, Madagascar ($370 per capita) and DR Congo ($394 per capita) face complex challenges from pervasive poverty, political instability, and environmental challenges.

Sierra Leone closes the list of the ten poorest nations with a GDP per capita of $418, grappling with the long-term effects of war, Ebola outbreak, and ongoing economic and health challenges.

10 Poorest Countries in the World:

  1.  Somalia - $73
  2.  Burundi - $217
  3.  Malawi - $254
  4.  Niger - $277
  5.  Central African Republic - $315
  6.  Mozambique - $322
  7.  Gambia - $356
  8.  Madagascar - $370
  9.  DR Congo - $394
  10. Sierra Leone - $418

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