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Most Racist States

Most Racist States


Racism, a devastating issue rooted in prejudice and discrimination against different races, has claimed dangerous prominence worldwide and particularly within the disparate regions of the United States. While it is without question a complex and multifaceted subject to measure, certain methods have arisen to attempt the daunting and crucial task of identifying where racism potentially festers more prominently across the states.

With tools such as polls, surveys, and the assessment of hate crimes and hate speech data, analysts have made strides in developing proxies for geographic racism. Additionally, advanced software has been used to scrutinize millions of social media posts for racial slurs, creating a disturbing yet insightful perspective on the online manifestation of racism.

  • The states categorized as having “Much More Than Average” instances of racism are predominantly located in the South; Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Delaware top this list.
  • Most states fall within the "Average" or "Above Average" category, including numerous Midwestern and Northeastern states like Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.
  • A positive note: A significant number of states, specifically located in the Northwest and Upper Midwest such as Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Minnesota, and Idaho, fall under the "Below Average" and "Much Less Than Average" categories.
  • Among all states, South Carolina is the only state located in the South categorized as "Above Average," rather than “Much More Than Average”. On the contrary, Rhode Island is the only state in the Northeast to get the same categorization.
  • The “Much Less Than Average” category is populated by the Northern states, such as Vermont, New Hampshire, and Idaho.

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