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Most Forested States

Most Forested States


Forests cover about one-third of the Earth's terrain and are home to countless species as well as approximately 300 million people globally; amongst them are 60 million indigenous individuals whose livelihoods are largely associated with these ecosystems. In the United States, the forest landscape varies significantly by state, from the lush evergreen forests of Maine to the sparse woodlands of North Dakota. 

  • Maine leads the nation with a phenomenal 89.46% of its land enveloped by forests, followed closely by New Hampshire (84.32%) and West Virginia (79.01%).
  • New York, despite being known for its bustling concrete jungle, contains a significant percentage of forest area, ranking tenth with 62.88% forest cover.
  • Southern states such as Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia boast considerable forest cover, above 67%, exhibiting the rich biodiversity of these regions.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, states like North Dakota (1.72%), Nebraska (3.20%) and South Dakota (3.93%) have the least forest cover in the country as prairies and farmland prevalent in these regions dominate the landscape.
  • Intriguingly, some states known for their iconic wilderness, like Alaska and Montana, fall in the medium to low-range of forest coverage, with 35.16% and 27.45%, respectively.

10 Most Forested States

Topping the list is Maine, where an impressive 89.46% of its total land is draped in lush forest cover. This northeastern state is noted for its diverse woodland habitats, which are primarily composed of spruce-fir and northern hardwood forests.

Next is New Hampshire, with a forest cover percentage of 84.32%. The Granite State, renowned for its vast northern hardwood and pine forests, showcases nature's splendor throughout its landscape, especially during the vibrant display of fall colors. 

Thirdly, West Virginia, virtually living up to its official state nickname, "The Mountain State," boasts 79.01% forest cover. With robust Appalachian hardwood forests that house valuable timber species, West Virginia plays a pivotal role in the country's forest industry.

In fourth place, Vermont, known as the "Green Mountain State", lives up to its name with 77.81% forest cover. Its plentiful forests, rich with maple trees, lend to its well-established maple syrup industry.

Southern states also leave a substantial footprint in this ranking. Alabama stands fifth with a forest coverage ratio of 70.57%. South Carolina and Georgia follow closely, with forest coverage of 68.19% and 67.28%, respectively. These states are dominant in southern pine ecosystems, a vital source for the nation's timber supply.

Eighth on the list, Mississippi exhibits a forest cover of 65.07%. Virginia with a forest cover of 62.93% and New York with a forest cover of 62.88% round off the top ten.

Top 10 Most Forested States:

  1. Maine - 89.46%
  2. New Hampshire - 84.32%
  3. West Virginia - 79.01%
  4. Vermont - 77.81%
  5. Alabama - 70.57%
  6. South Carolina - 68.19%
  7. Georgia - 67.28%
  8. Mississippi - 65.07%
  9. Virginia - 62.93%
  10. New York - 62.88%

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