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Democracy Index

Democracy Index
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Democracies Around the Globe

Every year, the Association for Development and Advancement of the Democracy Award puts forth a comprehensive global ranking of liberal democracies, the Democracy Index. This index measures not only the quality of democracy as a political entity but also integrates other social dimensions such as gender, economy, knowledge, health, and environmental performance to present a richer, more dynamic view of global democratic systems. The data reveals patterns, variations, and intriguing findings in the state of global democracies.

  • Norway leads the pack with a Democracy Index score of 9.8, closely followed by New Zealand and Finland, both performing extraordinarily well in political and non-political dimensions.
  • Despite being the birthplace of modern democracy, the United States ranks 26th with a score of 7.9.
  • Taiwan, despite the political instability around its international recognition, managed a high score of 9 and thus ranks 8th, demonstrating that domestic democratic structures can thrive amidst international challenges.
  • Across the globe, regions with tumultuous political environments and conflicts, such as Afghanistan, North Korea, and Myanmar, sit at the bottom of the Democracy Index, demonstrating that peace and stability are crucial for a functioning democracy.

Top 10 Most Democratic Countries

Norway leads the way with an exemplary Democracy Index score of 9.8. Renowned for its well-organized social system and effective government, Norway serves as a beacon of democratic ideals on a global scale.

Taking the second spot, we have New Zealand with an impressive score of 9.4. This score reflects the nation's strong adherence to democratic principles, which is ingrained in its political landscape and continues to be nurtured by each successive administration.

Following closely, we have Finland scoring a 9.3 on the Democracy Index. Equally notable is Sweden, which matches Finland's score. These countries demonstrate a powerful commitment to implementing democratic principles and showcase the success of the social-democratic model.

Coming in the fifth position is Iceland, with a score of 9.2 on the Democracy Index. Despite its smaller size and population, Iceland is a stalwart example of integrated and established democracy.

Making the sixth position is Denmark with an earnest score of 9.1. Ireland and Taiwan, on the other hand, tie for the seventh position with an impressive 9. The cases of Ireland and Taiwan are particularly intriguing, as they navigate a highly democratic domestic structure in different geopolitical situations.

Finally, the list rounds off with Australia and Canada, scoring 8.9 each.

Top 10 Most Democratic Countries:

  1. Norway - 9.8
  2. New Zealand - 9.4
  3. Finland - 9.3
  4. Sweden - 9.3
  5. Iceland - 9.2
  6. Denmark - 9.1
  7. Ireland - 9
  8. Taiwan - 9
  9. Australia - 8.9
  10. Canada - 8.9

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