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Least Populated Countries

Least Populated Countries
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The planet’s Least Populated Countries

As we explore the global landscape, we delve into a realm less occupied, the world’s least populated countries. Filled with unique charm, these countries, despite their size and population, offer much more than meets the eye. With their rich histories, culture, and pristine environments, they hold a significant place globally.

  • Most of the least populated countries are Island nations or located in otherwise remote locations.
  • A majority of countries have populations under 100k, smaller than a typical urban city.
  • Unique geographical conditions combined with historical reasons contribute to low population numbers.
  • Smaller Pacific island nations, despite their size, maintain sovereignty, demonstrating the diversity of the world's geo-political landscape.

Top 10 Least Populated Countries

Heading into our list of the top 10 least populated countries in the world, we traverse the expanse of islands, microstates, and isolated territories. 

Claiming the spot for the least populated country in the world is the tiny island nation of Nauru, located in Micronesia, northeastern Australia. With only 10.9k inhabitants, it offers an unique tranquility.

Second on our list is Palau, another Pacific island nation, with a population of 18.2k. Renowned for its marine diversity and spectacular landscapes, the country attracts tourists despite its remote location and small size.

Occupying the third spot is the British Virgin Islands, a British overseas territory, hosting around 30.4k people. Known for its pristine beaches and idyllic landscapes, it embodies the allure of secluded tropical havens.

Then we have the enclaved micro states in Europe, such as San Marino (34.0k) and Liechtenstein (38.3k). Despite their small size and population, these micro states are distinguished for their rich history, vibrant culture, and high living standards.

Falling next on the list are the Turks and Caicos Islands (39.2k), a paradisiacal Atlantic archipelago, and Monaco (39.5k), a wealthy city-state known for its lavish lifestyle and iconic Monte Carlo Casino.

Further along, we find the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory hosting around 57.9k people, followed by the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, home to approximately 59.6k people.

Rounding out our top ten is Bermuda, a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, with a population of about 63.9k, notable for its stunning beaches and iconic shorts.

Top 10 Least Populated Countries:

  1. Nauru - 10.9 K
  2. Palau - 18.2 K
  3. British Virgin Islands - 30.4 K
  4. San Marino - 34.0 K
  5. Liechtenstein - 38.3 K
  6. Turks and Caicos Islands - 39.2 K
  7. Monaco - 39.5 K
  8. Northern Mariana Islands - 57.9 K
  9. Marshall Islands - 59.6 K
  10. Bermuda - 63.9 K

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