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Most Racist Countries

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Confronting Racism Worldwide

Racial discrimination looms large as a prevailing issue globally, transcending borders, cultures, and societies. This deeply ingrained injustice influences various aspects of social interaction and shapes the societal structure, contributing to disparities in education, employment, and healthcare. Our article focuses on bringing to light countries globally that grapple with high levels of witnessed racism, based on a report assessing countries worldwide according to the percentage of people who have observed racism firsthand.

Unfortunately, the problem of racism is not confined to any particular region, as indicated by the data from various global jurisdictions.

Key findings from this data include:

  • In Bahrain, 85.7% of people reported witnessing acts of racism - the highest proportion recorded amongst the nations surveyed. 
  • Lebanon, with 64.4% of their population witnessing racism, and India, with 64.3%, come next in the ranking, indicating high levels of racial discrimination in these countries. 
  • South Africa also exhibits remarkable indicators of witnessed racism, with 61.8% of the people surveyed attesting to have observed instances of racial bias.
  • Meanwhile, the Philippines and Pakistan reveal almost half of their populations witnessing racism, with rates of 49.1% and 48.8%, respectively. 
  • Countries like Nigeria, Algeria, Hong Kong, Egypt, and numerous others also show concerningly high levels of observed racism, reflecting that the issue remains widespread and pervasive across the globe.

This data emphasizes the global scale of the racism issue, pushing us to reckon with the harsh reality that racial discrimination is a prevailing and pervasive issue worldwide. Acknowledging this is the first step towards formulating interventions to counteract racism and fostering societies characterized by fairness, unity, and mutual respect.

10 Most Racist Countries

Taking the lead, Bahrain reports a staggering 85.7% of its population experiencing racism firsthand. This indicates an alarming reality for a country known for its multicultural and diverse population.

The second in line is Lebanon, where 64.4% of people have witnessed instances of racism. Known for its rich history and cultural diversity, the high levels of observed racism in Lebanon serve to underscore the deeply entrenched issue globally.

One of the world's most populous countries, India, comes in as the third most racist country with 64.3% of the population reporting experiences with racism.

South Africa, a country with an extreme history of racially driven policies and societal divisions, records the fourth highest observation rate with 61.8% of its population having witnessed acts of racism. This fact echoes the deep-rooted racial tensions in the country.

In the Philippines, 49.1% of the population have observed incidents of racism, ranking the country fifth in this problematic list. This is followed closely by Pakistan, where 48.8% of people have witnessed instances of racial bias, landing it sixth in global rankings.

Nigeria, home to over 200 ethnic groups, reports that 42.5% of its people have seen instances of racism. 41.0% of Algeria's population admits witnessing acts of racism. At eighth and ninth spots respectively are Hong Kong and Egypt, with 40.4% and 39.7% of their populations observing racist actions.

10 Most Racist Countries:

  1. Bahrain - 85.7%
  2. Lebanon - 64.4%
  3. India - 64.3%
  4. South Africa - 61.8%
  5. Philippines - 49.1%
  6. Pakistan - 48.8%
  7. Nigeria - 42.5%
  8. Algeria - 41.0%
  9. Hong Kong - 40.4%
  10. Egypt - 39.7%

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