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Median Age By State

Median Age By State
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The U.S. Census Bureau's data on median age provides key insights into the population dynamics across the country, effectively illustrating the variance in the age demographics from state to state. As of now, the median age in the United States stands at 38.5 years, a slight uptick from 38.2 back in 2018. This seemingly minimal shift in median age encapsulates several underlying trends, including increased life expectancy and declining birth rates.

  • Utah has the lowest median age across the country at 31.1 years, while the state with the highest median age is Maine at 44.8 years.
  • Eastern states, specifically those located in the Northeast region such as Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, generally have a higher median age compared to states in other regions.
  • States located in the western part of the country, including Alaska and Texas, tend to have a lower median age, indicating a younger population structure in this region.
  • States with significant urban centers, like California and New York, have median ages of 36.7 and 39 years respectively, highlighting the diverse age demographics of major metropolitan areas.
  • There is minimal variation in the median age across Midwestern states with Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota having median ages of 38.3, 36.6, and 37.2 years respectively.

Oldest States

The ten states with the oldest median ages are a tapestry of northeastern beauty and scenic splendor, with Maine leading at an average of 44.8 years old. 

New Hampshire, known for its beautiful ski resorts and vast wilderness, is next on the list with a median age of 43 years, suggesting a population leaning more towards retirees and established families. Following close behind is Vermont, a state cherished for its maple syrup and gorgeous hiking trails, which reports a median age of 42.8 years.

West Virginia, with its rich history of Appalachian culture, stands fourth on the list with a median age of 42.7 years. Sunshine-rich Florida, a renowned retirement haven, averages a median age of 42.2 years, accounting for the significant number of retirees choosing the Sunshine State as their post-career base. 

Connecticut comes next with a median age of 41.1 years, followed closely by Delaware, known as the 'First State' since it was first to join the Union, with a median age of 41 years. Pennsylvania, distinguished by its rich American history, follows with a reported median age of 40.9 years.

Interestingly, Montana, known for its sprawling landscapes and Rocky Mountain wilderness, also makes the list with a median age of 40.1 years, as does the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island, with a median age of 40 years. 

Oldest States by Median Age:

  1. Maine - 44.8 Years Old
  2. New Hampshire - 43 Years Old
  3. Vermont - 42.8 Years Old
  4. West Virginia - 42.7 Years Old
  5. Florida - 42.2 Years Old
  6. Connecticut - 41.1 Years Old
  7. Delaware - 41 Years Old
  8. Pennsylvania - 40.9 Years Old
  9. Montana - 40.1 Years Old
  10. Rhode Island - 40 Years Old

Youngest States

Utah leads the way with a median age of 31.1 years, making it the state with the youngest population in the country. This is primarily driven by a high birth rate when compared to the national average and a large number of young families.

Following Utah is Alaska, known for its rugged lifestyle and abundant job opportunities in industries like fishing, oil, and tourism, has a median age of 34.6 years. In third place, we have the state of Texas with a median age of 34.8 years. Its robust economy and thriving cities such as Austin, Dallas, and Houston make it an attractive destination for young professionals.

North Dakota comes in as the fourth youngest state with a median age of 35.2 years, likely influenced by opportunities in the booming oil industry. Nebraska and Idaho share the same median age of 36.6 years, tying for the fifth and sixth positions. 

California and Oklahoma, both with a median age of 36.7 years, share the seventh spot. California’s median age can be attributed to its diverse population, large migrant community, and major urban centers that attract younger populations. 

Rounding out the list of the Top 10 youngest states are Colorado and Georgia, both having a median age of 36.9 years. Colorado's outdoor recreational opportunities and strong job market attract a younger demographic, while Georgia's diverse economy and cultural vibrancy make it appealing to a younger population.

10 Youngest States (by Median Age):

  1. Utah - 31.1 years old
  2. Alaska - 34.6 years old
  3. Texas - 34.8 years old
  4. North Dakota - 35.2 years old
  5. Nebraska - 36.6 years old
  6. Idaho - 36.6 years old
  7. California - 36.7 years old
  8. Oklahoma - 36.7 years old
  9. Colorado - 36.9 years old
  10. Georgia - 36.9 years old

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