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Muslim Population By State

Muslim Population By State

Islamic Presence Across America

As one of the most diverse nations globally, the United States has always been a vibrant melting pot of cultures, languages, and religions. Islam, the world's second-largest religion, finds a significant yet multifaceted representation among this richness. American Muslims comprise a mosaic, showcasing various racial lines, and generational variations, mirroring America's broader demographic complexity.

  • New York, California, and Illinois are the states hosting the most considerable Muslim populations. These three states form the top tier, each maintaining a Muslim population of over 400,000.
  • Despite being the fourth most populous state in the country, Florida hosts only the 12th largest Muslim population. Indicating a lower proportion of Muslim residents compared to the total population in the region.
  • States with the lowest Muslim populations include Hawaii, Montana, and Wyoming, each with fewer than 300 Muslims. These states, being less densely populated, also tend to attract fewer immigrants, potentially contributing to lower Muslim demographics.
  • The presence of around 313,000 Muslims in Texas, the state with America's second-largest overall population, underscores the state's multicultural and diverse religious makeup.
  • An in-depth examination reveals a significant concentration of Muslim populations in the North East and Midwest regions, possibly due to historical immigration patterns.

States with the Largest Muslim Population

Coming on top of the list is New York with 724,475 Muslims making up a significant portion of the state's population. The second most populated state in the US by Muslims is California, boasting a count of 504,056 adherents. Like New York, it also has a history of diversity and is known for its welcoming stance towards immigrants which could explain the high Muslim populace. 

Third in line is Illinois, accommodating 473,792 Muslims. This statistic highlights Chicago’s significant immigrant population. Chicago is home to one of the oldest and most established Muslim-American communities in the United States.

Following these three is New Jersey, hosting 321,652 members of the Muslim community, then comes Texas, the second overall most populous state in the US, with a Muslim population of 313,209. 

Michigan is next with a Muslim population count of 241,828. Michigan, being home to the city of Dearborn, known for its dense Arab-American and Muslim population, provides an explanatory context.

Further down the list, we have Maryland and Virginia, respectively hosting 188,914, and 169,371 Muslims each. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts complete the top ten with a Muslim populace of 149,561 and 131,749 respectively.

States with the Largest Muslim Population:

  1. New York - 724,475
  2. California - 504,056
  3. Illinois - 473,792
  4. New Jersey - 321,652
  5. Texas - 313,209
  6. Michigan - 241,828
  7. Maryland - 188,914
  8. Virginia - 169,371
  9. Pennsylvania - 149,561
  10. Massachusetts - 131,749

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