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High School Graduation Rates By State

High School Graduation Rates By State
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High School Graduation Rates Across the United States

Navigating the critical pathway from adolescence to adulthood is marked by many milestones, among which high school graduation is undoubtedly a pivotal event. It signifies a launchpad for future opportunities, opening gateways to higher education and empowering personal and professional development. However, not all young adults in the United States reach this landmark due to a potpourri of reasons ranging from familial responsibilities to economic hardship, trailing a wake of lost potential.

  • Montana leads the pack with a graduation rate of 94.0%, closely followed by Wyoming (93.6%), Vermont (93.5%), Minnesota (93.4%), and New Hampshire (93.3%). 
  • The states with the lowest graduation rates are concentrated in the Southern and Western United States. California trails the list with a graduation rate of 83.9%. Other states, including Texas (84.4%), Mississippi (85.3%), Louisiana (85.9%), and New Mexico (86.5%), echo the struggle with high school dropout rates.

States with the Highest High School Graduation Rates

Leading the pack, Montana displays a high school completion rate of 94.0%, edging out other states to secure the number one position.

Closely following Montana in this respect, Wyoming, with a completion rate of 93.6%, Vermont with 93.5%, Minnesota with 93.4%, and New Hampshire with 93.3% complete the top five states in the list. 

Further down the list but still amongst the high performers in high school completion are Maine (93.2%), Alaska (93.1%), North Dakota (93.1%), Utah (93.0%), and wrapping up the top ten is Wisconsin at 92.6%. 

States with the Highest High School Graduation Rates:

  1. Montana - 94.0%
  2. Wyoming - 93.6%
  3. Vermont - 93.5%
  4. Minnesota - 93.4%
  5. New Hampshire - 93.3%
  6. Maine - 93.2%
  7. Alaska - 93.1%
  8. North Dakota - 93.1%
  9. Utah - 93.0%
  10. Wisconsin - 92.6%

States with the Lowest High School Graduation Rates

Topping the list, with the lowest graduation rate in the country, is California - the state reports a high school completion rate of only 83.9%. Following closely is Texas, the state known for its extensive public school system provides diplomas to 84.4% of its students. Mississippi, with an 85.3% graduation rate, occupies the third position in this list - its education challenges underscoring the broader struggles faced by southern states in this regard.

Louisiana, another southern state, has the fourth-lowest high school graduation rate at 85.9%. Faring marginally better is New Mexico at 86.5%, just shy of Nevada's completion rate of 86.9%. Alabama too has a graduation rate of 86.9%, reflecting the similar education-related challenges these states grapple with.

Even some states with prominent universities and colleges struggle with ensuring high school graduation. A case in point being New York, with a graduation rate of 87.2%. Matching this figure are Kentucky and Arkansas, again accentuating the challenges faced by some parts of the south in ensuring high school completion.

States with Lowest High School Graduation Rates:

  1. California - 83.9%
  2. Texas - 84.4%
  3. Mississippi - 85.3%
  4. Louisiana - 85.9%
  5. New Mexico - 86.5%
  6. Nevada - 86.9%
  7. Alabama - 86.9%
  8. New York - 87.2%
  9. Kentucky - 87.2%
  10. Arkansas - 87.2%

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