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Hottest States

Hottest States

Cracking the Heat Code

In a nation as geographically and topographically diverse as the United States, the temperatures experienced across different regions represent a lively kaleidoscope of climatic variance. From the blistering heat waves of Death Valley, California to the biting cold of Fairbanks, Alaska, America caters to an extreme range of thermal conditions. Understanding this range, especially at the state level, provides fascinating insights into the climatic rhythms that govern life across the country's vast expanse. This article delves into the heart of our heat data with a specific focus on the fifty states' average temperatures. 

  • Florida, with an average temperature of 71.5°F, tops the list as the hottest state, closely followed by Hawaii at 70.2°F. The two states are known for their warm tropical and subtropical climates, respectively.
  • California, home to both the hottest and coolest places within the country (Death Valley and Mount Whitney, respectively), ranks merely 13th on the list with an average temperature of 59.1°F. This signifies the pronounced impact of intra-state geographical diversity on climate.
  • On the cooler side of the spectrum, the northern states predictably exhibit lower temperature averages. Still, it's worth noting colder states like North Dakota and Minnesota do not lag far behind more centrally located states such as Kentucky or Missouri.
  • Lastly, Alaska, with a frosty average temperature of 28.1 °F, reserves its spot as the coldest state.

10 Hottest States

Leading the pack of the country's sizzling states is Florida, having an annual average temperature of 71.5°F, a reflection of its tropical climate. Florida is closely followed by the only U.S. state located in the tropics, Hawaii, with an average temperature of 70.2°F. The number three spot goes to Louisiana, known for its bayous and humid subtropical climate, recording an average temperature of 67.2°F.

The grand Lone Star state, Texas, ranks fourth with an average temperature of 65.8°F – demonstrating that everything, including the heat, is indeed bigger in Texas. Georgia and Mississippi share the fifth rank, both exhibiting an average temperature of 64.3°F. This is primarily due to their humid subtropical climate influenced by their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Alabama follows closely in the seventh position with an average temperature of 63.7°F, while nearby South Carolina, known for its beautiful coastlines and palmetto trees, holds the eighth position with 63.4°F. The ninth-hottest state is Arkansas, a land of diverse terrain and a mild climate, with an average temperature of 61.1°F.

Rounding off the top ten list is a state primarily known for its extreme heat, especially in the summer - Arizona. Yet, due to its significant variation in altitude, the annual average temperature stands at 61.1°F.

10 Hottest States (average annual temp):

  1. Florida - 71.5°F 
  2. Hawaii - 70.2°F 
  3. Louisiana - 67.2°F 
  4. Texas - 65.8°F 
  5. Georgia - 64.3°F 
  6. Mississippi - 64.3°F 
  7. Alabama - 63.7°F 
  8. South Carolina - 63.4°F 
  9. Arkansas - 61.1°F 
  10. Arizona - 61.1°F

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