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Gun Deaths By Country

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Gun Deaths Around the Globe

Gun-related violence and mortality continue to pose significant challenges worldwide, stirring conversations about public health, safety, firearms legislation, and human rights. Recent data suggest there is a stark variation in gun death numbers from country to country, pointing to a complex web of influencing factors, including socio-economic conditions, cultural factors, and firearms regulation policies.

The United States, despite being a developed nation, reports alarmingly high numbers of gun deaths compared to many other countries. However, in sheer numbers, Brazil outpaces the US, with the highest number of total gun-related deaths globally.

Key findings from the recent data include:

  • Brazil tops the list with the highest number of gun-related deaths, at 49,437.
  • The United States ranks second in the number of total gun deaths, with a total of 37,040 reported deaths.
  • The top five countries experiencing the most gun deaths are Brazil, the United States, Mexico, India, and Colombia.
  • Despite being in a war zone, Afghanistan reports significantly fewer gun deaths (620) compared to countries not in active conflict.
  • Several countries known for their high levels of safety and stringent gun control laws, such as Japan and the United Kingdom, report low numbers of gun deaths, with 101 and 162 deaths respectively.

This analysis underscores the need for consistent and effective gun control policies, balanced with respect for individuals' rights and cultural values. Understanding the data related to gun deaths can help towards more informed decisions on this globally significant issue.

Countries With Most Gun Violence

The countries with the highest number of gun deaths are Brazil, United States, Mexico, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Philippines, Guatemala, Nigeria, and Iraq. Topping the list, Brazil has the highest number of gun deaths with a staggering 49,437 total fatalities. The United States ranks second with a total gun death count of 37,040. Mexico follows closely behind with 22,118 total deaths due to firearms. India reports 14,712 total gun deaths while Colombia has 13,171 gun-related fatalities. Venezuela is sixth on the list with 10,599 total firearm fatalities. The Philippines experienced a total of 9,268 gun deaths. Guatemala, Nigeria, and Iraq cite gun fatalities of 5,982, 5,103, and 4,424 respectively. 

10 Countries with the Highest Gun Deaths:

  1. Brazil - 49,437
  2. United States - 37,040
  3. Mexico - 22,118
  4. India - 14,712
  5. Colombia - 13,171 
  6. Venezuela - 10,599 
  7. Philippines - 9,268 
  8. Guatemala - 5,982 
  9. Nigeria - 5,103
  10. Iraq - 4,424 

Countries with Least Gun Violence

It is worth noting that various countries feature significantly lower numbers in terms of total gun deaths. With statistics at hand, we can identify the ten countries with the lowest total gun deaths. Each of these countries reported only 1 or 2 gun-related death(s) over the given period.

10 Lowest total gun deaths:

  1. Brunei - 1 Total Death
  2. Kiribati - 1 Total Death
  3. Andorra - 1 Total Death
  4. Bermuda - 1 Total Death
  5. Northern Mariana Islands - 1 Total Death
  6. American Samoa - 1 Total Death
  7. Marshall Islands - 1 Total Death
  8. Monaco - 1 Total Death
  9. San Marino - 1 Total Death
  10. Fiji - 2 Total Deaths

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