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Military Spending By Country

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Cost of Security: An Analysis of Global Military Spending

In a world where geopolitical dynamics continually evolve, military expenditure serves a crucial role in sustaining a country's security and global standing. Not only does a nation's military budget reflect its capacity for defense, but it also provides useful context regarding its international relations, economic health, and overall priorities. 

The study and analysis of military spending by countries offer insights into the global distribution of power, potential risks and threats, and the shifting trends of defense expenditure. This article embarks on a detailed exploration of military budgets worldwide, with an emphasis on the United States. 

Key findings from the data include: 

  • With a whopping budget of 750 billion dollars, the United States strongly outpaces other countries, marking it as the nation with the highest military expenditure worldwide. 
  • China is the second-largest spender, with a military budget of 237 billion dollars. However, this significantly trails the United States, emphasizing the enormous gap in military spending between the two global powers.
  • Saudi Arabia, India, and the United Kingdom follow, with budgets of 67.6 billion, 61.0 billion, and 55.1 billion dollars respectively. 
  • On the lower end of the scale, countries like Liberia, Laos, and the Central African Republic allocate notably smaller budgets to their military, demonstrating the vast discrepancies in military expenditure globally. 
  • Despite having a relatively smaller economy, Russia is commendable for its military spending, which, although it ranks eighth globally, just below Japan, is significantly higher than many countries with larger economies.

As we delve further into military spending by country, we'll scrutinize these trends in more depth, highlighting both the implications for global dynamics and the role of military spending in national strategies and priorities. Whether seen as an indicator of strength, a requirement for maintaining sovereignty, or a reflection of a nation's international commitments, these eye-opening figures foster a greater understanding of our world's security landscape.

Highest Military Budgets

When it comes to military expenditure, the top ten countries varying significantly in their annual budgets. The United States leads the list with an impressive yearly military budget of $750B. In comparison, the second highest spender is China, with a significantly lesser amount of $237B per year. The third highest military budget belongs to Saudi Arabia, who spend $67.6B annually on their armed forces. 

Next in the list is India with a yearly military budget of $61B, closely followed by the United Kingdom, spending approximately $55.1B each year. The annual military spending of Germany amounts to $50B, whereas Japan spends slightly less at $49.0B per annum. Russia falls eighth in line with a yearly military budget of $48.0B, followed by South Korea with an allocation of $44.0B. France rounds out the top ten with a yearly military budget of $41.5B.

10 countries with Highest Military Spending:

  1. United States - $750B
  2. China - $237B
  3. Saudi Arabia - $67.6B
  4. India - $61B
  5. United Kingdom - $55.1B
  6. Germany - $50B
  7. Japan - $49B
  8. Russia - $48B
  9. South Korea - $44B
  10. France - $41.5B

Smallest Military Budgets

The ranking of countries with minimal military budgets is topped by Liberia, Laos, Central African Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Bhutan, Moldova, Zambia, Mauritania, Somalia, and Suriname. Liberia has the least military budget, spending a sum of $13.0M annually. Laos ranks second, with a yearly military budget of $18.5M. Both Central African Republic and Kyrgyzstan have an annual military budget of $20.0M, making them the third and fourth lowest spenders respectively.

Bhutan has a yearly military budget of $25.1M, placing it fifth on the list. Moldova ranks sixth, with an annual budget of $30.0M for military spending. Zambia, with $40.0M, is seventh, followed closely by Mauritania with a $50.3M military budget. Rounding up the list, the ninth is Somalia, with a yearly budget of $62.2 million, while Suriname is tenth with a yearly military budget of $63.0M.

The ten countries with the lowest military spending:

  1. Liberia - $13.0M
  2. Laos - $18.5M
  3. Central African Republic - $20.0M
  4. Kyrgyzstan - $20.0M
  5. Bhutan - $25.1M
  6. Moldova - $30.0M
  7. Zambia - $40.0M
  8. Mauritania - $50.3M
  9. Somalia - $62.2M
  10. Suriname - $63.0M

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